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How to Tell If You Need a Lawyer

There are many legal situations that arise in life making it hard to determine when you need legal representation. When considering whether you need a lawyer or not, you ought to determine whether you are dealing with a civil matter or criminal matter. Civil law is involved with compensation while criminal law is involved with fines and prison sentences. Some civil matters, such as traffic tickets do not require the presence of an attorney; however, serious cases such as criminal charges for robbery, normally call for legal assistance. The best way to tell when you need a lawyer is by simply identifying situations when an attorney's involvement is necessary. Here are a few common cases where legal assistance is crucial.

10 Signs That Your Love One Might Be Being Abused In Their Nursing Home

Nursing homes and other care facilities can do a good job of hiding elder abuse. Elders belong to a disadvantaged group who are easily taken advantage of. Elder abuse comes in many forms: physical, emotional, sexual, financial and more. It may surprise you to know that neglect is also a form of abuse, and it happens far more often than people expect. Consider these signs so that you know what to look out for.

Holiday Personal Safety Checklist

Most people don't equate holidays with a safety checklist. Yes, road safety is often emphasized by authorities, but holiday fun is in the offing, and most people think safety admonitions are for careless people who don't know any better. That said, there are a few instructions to keep in mind, even for the most conscientious among us.

Black Friday Safety Tips

Black Friday is one of the biggest and busiest shopping days of the year, and that makes it one of the most dangerous. Some people begin shopping as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, others head out late at night, and others wake up early the morning after to go out and find the best possible deals on gifts for their loved ones. It can be a fun experience, but it can also be one that's quite dangerous. Before you head out with an empty trunk and a mug of coffee to shop in the middle of the night, you need to know how you can keep yourself safe. These safety tips might just save your life during the most wonderful time of the year.

Little-Known Louisville Driving Laws, Explained

Most people in Louisville are aware that such things as speeding, following another car too closely, failing to stop at stop signs or traffic lights or not pulling over to yield to emergency vehicles are all illegal driving behaviors. There are many other driving behaviors that are lesser-known as well. A conviction for one of them can lead to the person's receiving fines, possibly facing jail time and receiving points against their driver's license. People are only allowed to accumulate a maximum of 12 points against their licenses in two years, so a conviction for some of these offenses in a shorter time period may lead to the suspension of their driving privileges.

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