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How depression impacts post-surgery recovery for Kentucky patients

Those who have had surgery as a result of a personal injury should be aware of depression and its impact on their recovery.

After suffering a personal injury in the state of Kentucky, you might have to have surgery to restore your normal physical abilities and functionality. It is important that you continue to take proper care of yourself not only physically after your surgery, but mentally as well. As you are recovering from a car or motorcycle accident, beware of the signs of depression, which can impede your recovery.

Recognize symptoms of depression

Because you cannot combat depression until you know it exists, it is vital that patients are able to the identify some of the most common signs of postsurgical depression. Such symptoms include:

● A loss of appetite

● Sleeping more than is normal, or excessive fatigue

● Irritability

● Becoming uninterested in activities that once brought joy

● Anxiety and stress

Here, it is important to bear in mind that many of these signs are often associated with the effects of surgery as well as side effects of medications taken after surgery. The difference between depression and the normal aftereffects of surgery and medication is that depression includes emotional symptoms. It is when such emotional symptoms persist for longer than two weeks that you should speak with a doctor about being tested for depression.

Know how depression can stagger your recovery

Patients who have recently undergone surgery and develop depression can experience hardships when it comes to recovering, which can lead to them having to be readmitted to the hospital, which becomes an unexpected expense to add to the frustration, inconvenience and initial expense of suffering a personal injury. Specifically, the symptoms of depression can compromise your immune system and make you more susceptible to infections.

With this information in mind, patients should be sure their doctors, surgeons and associated medical personnel take into account their mental state as well as their physical state before, during and after surgery. While you might be in relatively good physical health, aside from your personal injury, before your surgery, the ordeal might have taken more of a toll on your mental health than you realize, information of which medical professionals should be aware.

Take steps to combat and get ahead of depression

It is best that you take steps to prevent depression before it creeps up on you. Besides consulting with your doctor about beating depression, do your best to get outside if your injuries allow, or at the very least open a window to enjoy some fresh air. Exercising as well as you can and partaking in activities you enjoy can also help beat the blues and boost your recovery.

If you have suffered or are suffering from depression as a result of your personal injury in Kentucky, you might be in need of legal assistance. Contact an attorney to explore your options for recourse and treatment.