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How Kentucky parents can mold kids into safer passengers

Being a good passenger is just as important as being a good driver when it comes to sidestepping accidents and being safe on the road.

While there are some driving situations in which Kentucky drivers do not have control over the actions of other motorists or pedestrians, they can reduce the chances of younger passengers suffering a
personal injury caused by an auto accident or becoming a distraction. Parents can teach their younger children as well as teenagers how to be safer passengers so the person behind the wheel can concentrate on the road.

Put on your seatbelt

Wearing a seatbelt is one of the first things both drivers and passengers learn, but it is a lesson that bears repeating. Not only does wearing a seatbelt bring peace of mind to everyone in the vehicle, it can go a long way in avoiding serious injury and potentially even death in the event of an accident.

Refrain from critiquing a driver’s technique

Once young drivers start learning how to drive, they might start to critique others’ driving habits, either mentally or aloud. It is best that passengers not chide the person behind the wheel for going too slow. While it is fine to suggest the driver slow down when driving too fast or pay better attention to the road, teen drivers should not encourage bad or reckless driving behavior.

Lead by example

When it comes to young children, they often model their parents’ behavior. It is vital parents start their kids off on the right foot when it comes to driving, even if they are several years away from learning how to drive. In addition to putting seat belts on before starting the car, parents can also describe safe driving behaviors to their kids. Not only are kids learning, but they are being mentally engaged as well, which can keep them focused and quiet.

Teach children the car is a place of peace

Kids are naturally full of energy, but they should learn to keep their behavior low key and respectful while in the car. Yelling and moving around a lot, even with a seatbelt on, can become serious
driving distractions and cause an accident. While putting on a movie or letting kids play on a tablet or another electronic device can be a good way to keep kids quiet, letting them look out the window at the scenery can be an equally good way to keep their minds sufficiently occupied and stimulated.

Being a good passenger can help drivers navigate their way down Kentucky roads and drive safely, but there are no guarantees. Should any passenger ever suffer a personal injury as the result of a car accident, it is best to sit down with an attorney to discuss the next logical step.