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How to avoid distractions while driving

Putting everyone in a seat, keeping passengers busy, securing belongings and staying off electronics can help drivers avoid unnecessary distractions.

Kentucky drivers may come across a lot of distractions. According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, a driver is considered distracted when he or she has to take his or her eyes off the road, hands off the wheel or mind off the task. Because there are so many opportunities for distraction, it is not surprising that 53,000 crashes over the course of a single year were tied to distracted driving. The state has banned texting and driving for anyone operating a car, but there are still plenty of distractions that need to be avoided.

Give everyone a seat

Everyone who rides in the car should be in a seat. This includes animals that ride in the vehicle. Animals should either be in crates or restrained using a pet safety belt. Children should be in the proper car seat. If any passenger gets out of the seat, it is best if the driver pulls the car over to get everyone situated again.

Keep passengers busy

Children and pets can cause extra distractions for adults driving. While having everyone in a proper seat can help avoid distractions, the operator may also need to find ways to keep passengers occupied. Children can listen to music, play with toys or eat snacks. Pets can chew a bone or a toy.

Secure belongings

Many people realize that passengers can take a person’s attention off the road, but they may not realize how distracting cargo can be. When groceries spill out in the backseat, the driver may feel the need to look back at the disaster and try to fix the problem. It is best if everything is strapped in place. Securing everything in place can also increase the safety of the trip and decrease the chance of an auto crash.

Stay off electronics

The car can be full of electronics, such as cell phones, GPS devices and radios. Vehicle operators should keep off of these electronics while driving. Turning text and email notifications off on a phone can help drivers avoid unnecessary distractions, as can doing the following:

  • Set the GPS before starting the trip.
  • Figure out music by loading the CD player, starting a music-playing service or pre-setting the radio.
  • Make calls when parked.

If a person can stay off of electronic devices, he or she can eliminate activities that can take his or her eyes off the road. If possible, a driver can designate one of the passengers to run any necessary electronics during the trip.

If drivers are able to avoid distractions on Kentucky roads, it can make everyone who travels safer. No matter why an accident occurs, it may be beneficial to work with an attorney who is familiar with car crash cases.