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Pair of major accidents in Louisville leaves 4 people injured

A pair of motor vehicle accidents in Louisville Kentucky recently snarled traffic — and lit up the night sky. The first wreck involved a semi truck and a car. The truck was trying to make a right turn, but the car attempted to pass the truck on the right at the same time. As a result, the car barreled into the truck and punctured its gas tank. The truck burst into flames, though the blaze was eventually controlled. Thankfully, no one was killed in the truck accident. Three people escaped with non-life threatening injuries.

The other accident involved a train and a car. Apparently the driver of the car became lost when he was in the vicinity of some train tracks. He attempted to turn his vehicle around on the tracks when a train came at him and struck his vehicle. Again, thankfully the man escaped with his life — but he was hospitalized with undisclosed non-life threatening injuries.

So what can we learn from these two accidents? Well, the first is that semi trucks are not always the reason a truck accident occurs. Other vehicles need to respect these, large, powerful and difficult-to-operate vehicles. That said, trucks can be the main culprit when an accident occurs. Maybe the driver was asleep at the wheel; or the truck itself was faulty or overloaded; or maybe the truck company itself holds some liability for the accident.

The other element here is the train v. car crash. There are safety arms at railroad crossings that are meant to keep people safe. But, if they are not working or are mechanically deficient in some other way (and thus directly contribute to a devastating train v. car crash), the victims of the accident could make a civil claim over the faulty equipment.

Source: WDRB, “Fiery truck crash, train v. car crash bring traffic issues,” Nov. 26, 2013