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Drunk driver in Kentucky drives wrong way and causes accident

Drunk driving accidents continue to be an issue in Kentucky. Recently, an alleged drunk driver drove the wrong way and crashed head-on into a semi truck. The accident occurred on Interstate 71. It is reported that the accident caused another semi truck to drive off the road and into a ditch. The driver was accused of driving while intoxicated by alcohol, in addition to other charges.

The extent of the alleged drunk driver’s injuries is unknown, and no other injuries have been reported. However, the driver is also accused of assaulting an emergency responder while being carried through the back of the ambulance.

It is a lucky occurrence when a drunk driving accident does not cause any serious injuries, as often times they do. These serious injuries can involve brain injuries, neck injuries and spinal cord injuries, to name just a few. A drunk driving accident can often times be fatal, as well.

This accident is a reminder to us all of how dangerous a simple commute may be as long as there continues to be other drivers on the road who are driving under the influence. Not only does the drunk driver put themselves at risk for serious injuries or death, but they put other drivers at risk as well.

If you are the victim of a drunk driving accident, then filing a lawsuit may be the best choice you can make. Not only may you receive financial compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain and suffering, but it may be possible to receive compensation for punitive damages, as well. Often juries reward victims’ punitive damages, which is extra money, in order to punish a drunk driver and remind others of the consequences of drunk driving.

Until more preventive measures are put into place to decrease the number drunk driving accidents you should be aware that these types of accidents can and do happen with regularity. It is also good to know what your best step to take is after you are injured in an accident caused by a drunk driver.

Source: Wave 3 News, “LMPD: Wrong-way drunk driver causes head-on crash, punches EMS worker,” Joey Brown, Jan. 31, 2014