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Kentucky teen dies in motorcycle accident

No parent anticipates outliving his or her child. Many parents cringe as their children take on risks such as playing contact sports or riding motorcycles. Naturally, there is the urge to shelter and protect kids from all of the potential threats, but there is also a fine line between overprotecting and simply caring deeply for a child.

The parents of a teenager in Lee County may be feeling these emotions after the 15-year-old recently lost his life in a motorcycle accident. The initial crash investigation has led police to suspect that the teen may have been struck when he pulled in front of another vehicle. The motorcyclist was reportedly driving without the protection of a helmet.

With any fatal accident, it is important that police determine exactly how the crash occurred. When a motorcyclist dies in a collision, the rider isn’t able to share his or her side of the story, though the grieving family has a right to know precisely what happened.

As of Feb. 15, the Beattyville Police Department was still investigating this particular crash.

In many cases, when police determine that a person was killed in a auto accident because of another driver’s negligence, the grieving family doesn’t know where to turn. In these situations, a wrongful death lawsuit may be appropriate to achieve the full measure of justice.

A wrongful death claim can lead to compensation for damages such as medical bills and funeral costs. At base, this sort of legal action is meant to help the grieving family cope in a time of devastating loss.

Source: WKYT, “Teen killed in Lee County motorcycle accident,” Feb. 15, 2014