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Authorities say speed a factor in fatal motorcycle wreck

Motorcyclists are generally aware of the higher risk of injury in the event of a crash. Less protection around the body means a greater chance that a collision will result in a trip to the hospital. While focusing too much on the possibility of injury can certainly diminish the joy of riding on the open road, risk of injury is a reality motorcyclists confront whenever they get on their bikes.

For one Kentucky man’s family, that reality has become all too harsh. On April 13, a 53-year-old Debord man was killed after losing control of his bike and hitting a guardrail. He was going around a curve at the time, and the local sheriff’s office indicated that speed was likely a factor. Authorities were still investigating at the time of a news report.

Driving a motorcycle can be especially hazardous when road conditions are poor. Line-of-sight issues and loose gravel factor into many motorcycle accidents. Inattentive drivers of cars and trucks just as often fail to see motorcycles and crash into them.

If you know people who own motorcycles, you probably know that not all riders are thrill seekers. Sometimes bad things happen no matter how careful you are, and motorcyclists often end up seriously injured or killed through no fault of their own. This is why determining the exact cause of a crash is so important.

When serious motorcycle accidents occur, there can be overwhelming medical or funeral costs to deal with. A personal injury attorney can work with victims or their families to establish the facts of a case and seek fair compensation for damages. Dealing with the physical aftermath of an accident is difficult enough without having to worry about the accompanying financial burdens.

Source:, “Motorcycle accident near Louisa, KY kills one person and shuts down road,” Patti Nieto, April 13, 2014