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Kentucky motorcyclist killed in accident

As the weather warms up all over the great state of Kentucky, motorcyclists are dusting off their motorcycles and hitting the roads again. And who can blame them? The Bluegrass State has some of the best scenery in the nation, and seeing it all from a motorcycle is an incredible way to experience that beauty. But that wonderful sense of freedom you get on a motorcycle comes with some inherent dangers.

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time across the state, often when other drivers are unaware of motorcyclists or are unwilling to safely share the road. Suddenly, that exposure to the elements that makes motorcycle riding so enjoyable becomes a detriment. With little to no protection, crashes can be devastating for riders.

Take the recent case of a Kentucky woman who was riding a motorcycle in Lexington when she struck the back of a black BMW. The impact caused the motorcycle to go into oncoming traffic, at which point it was hit by another car. The driver of the black BMW did not stay at the scene, and police are asking the public for help in finding the driver. Other people stopped and did CPR on the woman, who was subsequently transported to an area hospital. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Kentucky attorneys generally approach these sorts of accidents like an investigator. They can conduct reviews of things like witness accounts, physical evidence from the crash, police reports and accident reconstruction data and use the information to try to determine what sort of things caused an accident and whether any people or organizations committed negligence that led to the accident. Depending on what findings this process yields, such attorneys may be able to help motorcycle accident victims and/or their family members pursue compensation.

Source: Lexington Herald-Leader, “Lexington police search for BMW involved in fatal motorcycle crash on Leestown,” Trey Crumbie, June 2, 2014