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Kentucky accident proves fatal for motorcyclist

Most road-users in Kentucky will be familiar with the sight of motorcycles on the highways. These smaller vehicles can often be difficult to spot, so it is vital for drivers and motorcyclists alike to remain vigilant at all times. Unfortunately, even when the greatest care is taken, motorcycle accidents can still occur, often with disastrous consequences. The sad fact is that it only takes one person’s mistake to put everyone else in danger.

In Louisville, a crash occurred one afternoon as a car attempted to cross the highway from a parking lot. A motorcycle traveling south is reported to have lost control while attempting to avoid the car. In the process, the victim was thrown from the motorcycle, striking the car in the process. Although the motorcyclist was taken to a hospital, the accident was sadly fatal.

It has been suggested that the driver of the car fled the scene of the incident before police could arrive at the scene. However, it has also been stated that the driver did stop initially. Unfortunately, this may be small consolation to the loved ones of the deceased. Meanwhile the accident continues to be investigated.

Being involved in any form of road accident can be traumatic, particularly if someone dies during the incident. Furthermore, you could be faced with hefty repair and medical bills, not to mention the possibility that you too have been injured. It can seem like a lot to take in, but fortunately you do not have to do it alone. An attorney can advise you on your options and may be able to assist you with pursuing remuneration for your injuries.

Source: WDRB, “One person killed in accident at Dixie Highway and Bethany Lane,” Jared Brown, March 11, 2015