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A single mistake could turn your life upside-down

Motorcyclists in Kentucky know how dangerous the roads can be. No matter how many years you have been riding or how often you have traveled a particular route, accidents can still occur and they can happen to anyone. The big problem is that when anyone at all makes a mistake on the roads, it affects everyone around them, often causing serious injuries, expensive property damage and even costing lives.

For motorcyclists the risks are even greater. An uneven road surface or unexpected obstacle is far more dangerous to a motorcyclist than to the driver of a car or larger vehicle. The same can be said of poor weather conditions. A motorcycle can very easily be thrown off course if either of its wheels slips or is jarred, as it only has one other wheel to compensate for the issue.

The lack of protection motorcyclists have compared with other road users is also an issue. They are exposed to all the dangers of the road, with no external vehicle chassis to protect them. Wearing a helmet and motorcycle leathers can help, but still may not be enough to avoid serious injuries. On top of all this, the size of their vehicle makes them harder for other road users to see when they are planning maneuvers.

If you have been involved in an incident of this nature, our page on motorcycle accidents might have some of the information you need. An attorney could also be invaluable at this time as he or she can evaluate the circumstances of the event and may be able to help you with filing for compensation or making a claim on your insurance.