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Five Measures Drivers Can Take to Promote Vehicular Safety

You are probably familiar with the clever line from a famous late comedian, “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?” We wish to help you avoid being identified as either one of those two. Driving with safety in mind can drastically reduce your risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Every time you get behind the wheel please remember the five safety measures outlined below to ensure safe arrival to your destination.

1) Focused Driving

As a society, we seem to be more distracted than ever before. With the convenience of cell phones, Bluetooth, and other electronic devices, your attention can slowly be pulled away from the road. Don’t rely on yourself to constantly resist temptation while driving.

Instead, take safety measures to ensure these devices are always out of reach. Keep your phone silent and put it in the glove box. By following this tip you can successfully keep yourself focused on the roadway and potential hazards.

2) Driving Defensively

Although it’s very easy to get accustomed to assuming other drivers know what they are doing, this can be a wrong-headed decision. It is advisable to always remain attentive to what your fellow drivers are doing as you share the road. Always be prepared for the unexpected.

As the roadways become crowded, you should abide by the two-second following rule with any car you are directly following. Select a landmark or sign near the road, when the car ahead of you passes that point, you should not reach it until at least two seconds after the other driver has reached it. This ensures you have ample time to slow down if they suddenly hit the brakes. During inclement weather or while driving on the Interstate where the speed limit will be higher than usual, we suggest increasing the number to four seconds.

3) Necessary Items Kept Within Reach

Noticing a driver swerve while reaching behind to the backseat or searching for a personal item is a familiar sight. Don’t be that guy!

Spare change for toll booths, garage passes, tissues, whatever necessary items you may have, keep them within reach. Preparing just a little on the front-end can eliminate the need to search your car and undoubtedly swerve all over the road. Thus, you will remain safe!

4) Plan Ahead

Start your planning efforts by ensuring your vehicle settings are all correct for you. This means your seat, rearview mirror, radio settings, and climate control. By having these settings in the correct position before ever leaving your parking spot, the time taken fiddling around on your dashboard can be eliminated.

Additionally, plan your route. Whether you are shopping around town or taking a road-trip, you should map out your travels beforehand. This will frequently allow you to avoid those last minute turn moments. We all know how frustrating that can be. Whenever possible, it is also advised that you plan out your pit-stops and any meals you wish to have along the way. The last thing you want is to drive around searching for food while your stomach is growling.

5) Have Proper Maintenance Done To Your Car

Vehicle maintenance, if done properly and regularly, can be the difference between arriving on-time and never reaching your destination at all. Whether it’s checking tire tread, fluids, air pressure, or windshield wipers, you must remain vigilant to your car’s condition. Investing in your car and its vehicular health will pay back in your own safety and satisfaction while on the road.