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How to spot a drunk truck driver in Kentucky

Drunk driving claims the lives of thousands of people across the country each year. It is a problem that law enforcement officials work toward rectifying each day. As long as people continue to make bad decisions, there will be drunk driving accidents. Here are some tips for spotting drunk truck drivers on the roads of Kentucky.

A drunk truck driver could exhibit any of the following signs when behind the wheel and inebriated:

– Tailgating

– Quick acceleration or deceleration

– Weaving across lanes of traffic

– Problems staying in a straight line

– Crossing the double yellow lines or white shoulder line

– Drifting

– Driving on anything other than an area designated for a vehicle

– Driving slower than 10 MPH under the posted speed limit

– Making an abrupt or illegal turn

– Erratic braking

– Stopping without reason

– Signaling that is not consistent with the driving pattern of the truck

– Delayed start after a light turns green

– Delayed stop after a light turns red

– Driving at night without the headlights turned on

– Driving on the wrong side of the road

If you encounter a truck driver that is exhibiting any of these signs of drunk driving, it is important that you put as much distance between your vehicle and the truck as possible. If you can, safely obtain the license plate number and any other identifying information to report to police. This can include the business name on the truck or the company phone number.

Never attempt to pass a truck with a suspected drunk driver behind the wheel or get the truck to pull off the side of the road. You want to have as limited contact as possible in this situation.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a drunk truck driver, contact our firm in Kentucky today to discuss the case and how you can move forward in recovering damages.