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How to avoid aggressive drivers in Kentucky

Aggressive driving is an issue that can lead to serious accidents, devastating injuries and even death. Millions of people are hurt in accidents each year and a large percentage of those accidents involved aggressive driving. You can avoid aggressive drivers in Kentucky by following the tips outlined in today’s post.

One of the most important things you can do when confronted by an aggressive driver on the roads of Jefferson is to avoid eye contact with him or her and give him or her plenty of room. You might not even have a direct interaction with them, but instead see them get aggressive with another driver. Even if this is the case, it’s in your best interest to avoid them as much as possible.

Should another driver tailgate you, move over and let him or her pass. There is nothing to gain by continuing to let them tailgate you. Do not speed up and risk getting in an accident or getting pulled over by the police. Definitely do not slow down to taunt the tailgater either. This will only infuriate them further with the situation and could lead them to escalate their anger.

Take a look at your driving habits and try to figure out if something you did annoyed the other driver to the point where he or she became aggressive. If so, provide the other driver with a calming gesture that relays a message of apology to him or her. If he or she responds with a nasty gesture, do not respond and try to get as far away from him or her as possible for your own safety.

If you have trouble shutting out aggressive drivers and tend to respond in kind, listen to your favorite music or talk with passengers in an effort to ignore the behavior and prevent yourself from acting the same way.

Injured in a car accident as a result of an aggressive driver? Contact our firm in Jefferson to start the litigation process so you can acquire compensation for the injuries suffered.