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How to drive safely around large trucks

The roads of Kentucky can be scary for even the most seasoned drivers. One way to remain safe is to take matters into your own hands. The scary thing is that you can never trust other drivers to be as safe as you. This means that you cannot let your guard down when behind the wheel. Here are some tips for staying safe in your vehicle around large trucks in Jefferson.

All large trucks and buses have “no zones.” No zones are also known as blind spots. A large truck has blind spots on all four sides. Yes, even in the front and the rear of the truck. In order to stay out of these no zones, you need to be two lanes from the truck on the right side and one lane from the truck on the left side. To remain out of a blind spot in the front, you must remain 20 feet ahead of the truck. You will need 30 feet of space in the rear of the truck to stay out of that blind spot.

Never pass too closely to a large truck. This is common sense when it comes to driving and also applies to passing any vehicle in general. When you pass too closely to a large truck, the driver might not be able to see you, which could cause the truck to clip your vehicle.

Trucks make wide right turns. If you are sitting at an intersection and see one about to make a right turn towards you, safely back your vehicle up away from the white line to give the truck enough room to turn.

Tailgating is a big no-no in Kentucky and it’s definitely something you should never do when behind a large truck. Aside from the driver not being able to see you, you might not have enough time to come to a stop if the truck stops. This could cause you to slam into the back of the truck, leading to a horrific accident.

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