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What is lane splitting and is it safe?

Lane splitting is a well-known term used in the motorcycling community. For those not familiar with motorcycles, this term might not be as commonplace or familiar. So, what is lane splitting? Is lane splitting safe? These are two very important questions that we will answer for you today so you know how to protect yourself on your motorcycle.

When a motorcyclist is stuck in heavy traffic, the operator is put into a very dangerous situation. Combining stop-and-go traffic with inattentive drivers and you have a recipe for tragedy. Lane splitting is common in quite a few countries, but it is only recognized in the United States in a few places.

Motorcycles are able to split lanes because of their small size, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a safe procedure. Lane splitting is the act of navigating from lane to lane in stop-and-go traffic in an effort to prevent vehicles from colliding with a motorcycle from behind.

In a report published in May of 2015 from the University of California at Berkeley, researchers found that lane splitting in heavy traffic would reduce the chances of a motorcyclist being hit from behind by another vehicle. Motorcyclists who split lanes would also be less likely to suffer injuries to their abdomen or head or suffer a fatal injury in a crash.

Being injured in a motorcycle accident can be life changing. You might not be able to return to work. You might have to endure years of physical therapy. Speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney in Jefferson can help you receive compensation for your injuries.

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