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Woman killed in hit-and-run while getting garbage cans

A woman in Kentucky was simply trying to bring her garbage cans back to the house after the trash had been picked up, but she was hit by a vehicle that then sped away from the crash site. Tragically, she died from her injuries.

The woman’s home sits near a golf course, though it is unclear if the white SUV that hit her was coming from the course or not. Witnesses watched the crash and later told the authorities that the SUV left the road, hit the woman and simply kept on going.

Per the coroner’s office, “multiple blunt force injuries” were the official cause of death. The woman was so badly hurt that she could not even be taken to a local medical center by emergency crews, but died at the scene. She was just 46 years old when she passed away.

The accident happened right around 12:21 in the afternoon. Police were called and quickly responded. They were even able to find the man they say was responsible for the accident. He is 47 years old. Police tracked him down and arrested him. He is now facing charges for failing to give the woman necessary aid and for leaving the deadly accident scene.

Pictures show police cars lining the road, which has been closed off so officers could carry out their investigation. Yellow caution tape blocks the pavement, and the garbage cans can be seen lying on their sides in the yard.

This story shows how a fatal accident can strike at any time, during even the most mundane and “safe” of activities. Those who lose loved ones in such a jarring manner must know all of the legal options they have.

Source: Lexington Herald Leader, “She was getting her garbage cans after trash pickup. A driver didn’t stop.,” Mike Stunson And Morgan Eads, April 12, 2018