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Woman killed when pickup truck crosses center line

A woman in Kentucky passed away in a tragic accident when a pickup truck allegedly crossed the center line and struck her vehicle.

Reports indicate that the woman was heading north on KY 7 at about 4:45 a.m. on Saturday, May 19. A Dodge pickup truck was heading down the same road, going south.

For reasons that have not yet been determined — the crash is still under investigation as of the latest reports — that pickup truck drifted out of the southbound lane, over the center line, and into the northbound lane. There, the truck smashed into the much smaller Chevy Cruz with the woman behind the wheel.

That driver passed away at the accident site. She was 50 years old at the time of her death.… Continue reading

Should you lay down a modern motorcycle?

When you got your motorcycle, did you consider teaching yourself how to lay the bike down in an emergency? Many people think of this as the best way to cut speed and avoid a crash.

However, some experts say it’s a myth. They claim that you’re just putting yourself in more danger by committing to an accident when modern bikes give you better options.

For instance, older motorcycles just had drum brakes. A lot of people only used the rear brakes because the front brakes felt too risky. Modern bikes, by comparison, have have ABS (Anti-Lock Braking Systems) that are much safer and more effective. People also use the front brakes more often.

On top of that, modern tires are better.… Continue reading

How car accidents compare to other types of travel

It can be hard to really grasp how common fatal motor vehicle accidents are. Until one of your family members gets involved in a deadly crash, it always feels like something you just see on the news. Something that happens to someone else. Something you’ll never have to deal with.

The reality, though, is that car accidents are incredibly common. Even deadly accidents happen more than people realize. To help see how cars stack up in terms of safety and risk, here are the number of deaths per every 1 billion miles traveled, according to one study:

  • Motorcycles: 213 deaths
  • Cars: 7.3 deaths
  • Ferries: 3.2 deaths
  • Amtrak train deaths: 0.43
  • Airplane deaths: 0.07

There are some rather shocking statistics on this list.… Continue reading

Drivers must be careful when straightening a curve

One way to reduce wear and tear on your car, and especially your tires, is to “straighten” a curve in the road.

This is a tactic that comes from racing, when drivers essentially want to shorten the course to increase their speed and decrease their race times. Rather than braking and going all the way around the curve, they let the car drift toward the inside edge. The road curves out on the outside edge, but they can hold as straight of a line as possible, passing from the outside to the inside and then back out again.

Drivers can do this on public roads, but it is very important for them to be careful. No matter how empty the road appears, they should never leave their lane and enter the other lane.… Continue reading