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Should you lay down a modern motorcycle?

When you got your motorcycle, did you consider teaching yourself how to lay the bike down in an emergency? Many people think of this as the best way to cut speed and avoid a crash.

However, some experts say it’s a myth. They claim that you’re just putting yourself in more danger by committing to an accident when modern bikes give you better options.

For instance, older motorcycles just had drum brakes. A lot of people only used the rear brakes because the front brakes felt too risky. Modern bikes, by comparison, have have ABS (Anti-Lock Braking Systems) that are much safer and more effective. People also use the front brakes more often.

On top of that, modern tires are better. They’re made to give you optimal control. You can often reduce your speed far faster by using your brakes and tires in the way they were designed, rather than putting the bike on its side on the pavement.

Experts also stress that it is important to practice braking, learn proper techniques, wear a good helmet and learn how to anticipate dangers on the highway so that you can start braking early. For instance, if you see a car waiting to turn left ahead of you, simply be aware that the driver may not see you and get ready to break as you approach the vehicle.

That’s not to say there is never a situation where laying the bike down will help, but just make sure you know your options. If you do get involved in an accident, it’s also helpful to know your legal rights to compensation.

Source: Motorcycle Views, “It's better to lay a motorcycle down if you see an impending crash,” Walter F. Kern, accessed May 18, 2018