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Allegedly drunk ‘designated driver’ causes deadly accident

A woman was involved in an accident that left one person dead in Louisville, Kentucky. She is now facing murder charges, wanton endangerment charges and charges for driving a car while under the influence. The woman is 27 years old.

The incident occurred right around three o’clock in the morning, on June 30. Reports indicate that officers arrived at the scene just after the hour.

The police investigation — labelled as an “initial” investigation for now — showed that the woman turned in the street, cutting across the path of an oncoming motorcycle. That rider did have a helmet on, but it was not enough to save his or her life. The unidentified rider passed away at the accident scene.

Police officers claim that they could smell alcohol when they arrived and approached the woman. They asked her if she had been drinking. She told them that she was a designated driver, but also said she had been drinking “earlier in the evening.”

Officers then arrested her for causing the deadly crash. They gave her a blood test, and those results have not come in yet, but it appears that a breath test suggested her blood alcohol concentration was 0.193, which is far above the legal limit of 0.08.

Motorcycle riders face an incredible amount of risk from drunk drivers, because even one little mistake cause lead to a fatal crash. Riders have very little protection and, even when they ride flawlessly on their own, there is no margin for error. If you lose a loved one in a motorcycle crash, or if you suffer serious injures, make sure you know your legal options.