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Important provisions of effective teen driving contracts

The statistics related to teen car accidents are alarming. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), six youths aged 16 to 19 years of age died every day in 2015 from injuries suffered in car accidents. Also in 2015, nearly 236,000 teens in the same age group received emergency department treatment for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

One way parents in Kentucky are addressing the dangers associated with teen motorists is by creating and enforcing parent/teen driving agreements. Essentially contracts, these agreements between adults and their kids outline the ground rules to which youths must adhere while driving. These contracts can be lengthy and in-depth, or they can be short and to the point. One thing they should all have in common is clear rules that all family members must follow.

You may already understand that an injury attorney can assist your family in holding a careless motorist responsible if they harm your teen. However, most parents would prefer to help their children avoid car accidents altogether. A solid driving agreement outlines responsible behaviors and may also show kids how to spot dangerous motorists.

Below you will find several critical elements to include if you choose to utilize a teen/parent driving agreement.These include:

  • Never driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol
  • Never riding with someone who is incapacitated
  • Asking permission before driving with passengers
  • Always wearing safety belts
  • Always obeying traffic laws
  • Never racing the car or engaging in risky driving behaviors
  • Watching for dangerous driving that other motorists exhibit

These are only a few examples. Parents and teens can tailor these agreements to meet all of their needs or to address any areas of concern as a family. Enforcing the agreement is just as important as creating it. Be sure to include parental responsibilities that help set a standard for you, as well as for the teen drivers in your family.