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Kentucky driver faces OVI charge over school bus collision

Accidents can happen on the streets and roads of the Bluegrass State, and drivers work together to get over them when they happen. One thing that always spells bad news for people on the roads is a driver who had one too many drinks. When it comes to road safety, even one drink is one too many.

Any amount of alcohol that can be detected in a person’s system above a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .02 or higher makes it illegal to drive. Lower levels can result in a charge of operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI), while driving under the influence (DUI) of higher levels of alcohol or drugs is a more serious charge.

A 21-year-old woman from Independence is facing an OVI charge after a vehicle she was driving caused an accident. Erlanger police responded to an intersection where the woman’s black Chevrolet sedan struck a school bus. Investigators believe the accident was caused by the woman.

The school bus was in service at the time. Although the eight children aboard suffered no injuries, the driver of the school bus was injured along with the car’s driver. The accident served to remind Kenton County and all of Kentucky that school is back in session and it pays the community to pay more attention on the roads.

Victims of drunk drivers may be heartened by criminal charges against suspected drivers, but a civil lawsuit may be the only way to claim financial damages for injuries and other problems. Legal representation is often recommended to people considering a lawsuit to help get their lives back together after an unexpected accident.