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What are some hazards of riding motorcycles in the fall?

The fall season in the state of Kentucky is just around the corner and may have already begun in some locations. Many motorcycle enthusiasts believe that autumn is the perfect time to view the changing landscape and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Knowing the dangers of riding in autumn ahead of time can help you remain healthy and free of the injuries that typically occur in a motorcycle accident.

Leaves: Wet or dry, autumn leaves can create many potential hazards. A pile of dry leaves can make it difficult to see unsafe road conditions. On the other hand, wet leaves may cause you to slide and lose control of your bike.

Wildlife: Deer and other wild animals seem to appear more often as the weather turns chilly. Always be on the lookout for animals on the roadway to avoid motorcycle accidents caused by wandering wildlife.

Weather: As it starts to cool down, frost could make its annual appearance at any moment. As you likely already know, patches of frost and ice are a motorcycle’s worst enemy. Stay alert and adjust your riding to accommodate the weather patterns.

Even if you ride your bike in as safe a manner as possible in the fall, it does not mean other motorists are following your good example. The dangers listed above can affect all motor vehicles, increasing the risk of another motorist causing a negligent crash and taking you down with them.

Always look out for hazards and watch how the vehicles you meet perform under dangerous conditions. Even though you can pursue a remedy for the injuries you suffer in a motorcycle accident caused by negligence, remaining accident-free is obviously the better outcome.