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Trick-or-treating neighborhoods draw lots of foot traffic

Today’s kids don’t have trick or treat time to waste sussing out the best neighborhoods to bring in big hauls of the really good candy. That’s why The Courier-Journal published its own thoroughly unscientific poll of the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Louisville.

Hillcrest Avenue

Welcome to Halloween “ground zero.” Want to know more? Go to its website and check out the decorations, too. This neighborhood is at the top of its Halloween game.

Alfresco Place and Rutherford Avenue

The neighborhood surrounding St. Francis of Assisi Church reportedly is a hotbed of good candy.

Cherokee Triangle

They must be well-stocked, as some Triangle residents state they had “hundreds” of Halloween visitors in previous years.

Boulevard Napoleon

Located near the Halloween stalwart neighborhood of Alfresco and Rutherford, this neighborhood also has a great reputation for giving good candy.… Continue reading

Kentucky residents should learn about underride truck accidents

You probably already know that truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries or death, but not all truck accidents are the same. One of the most dangerous types of collisions between a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle is the underride crash. These crashes occur when a smaller vehicle slides underneath a truck during an accident.

Currently, all trailers in the nation must be equipped with rear underride guards. However, no legislation exists requiring companies to install side guards on trailers and front guards on trucks. In 2017, several government leaders sponsored the Stop Underrides Act, which would make it mandatory for trailers to have side guards and for trucks to have front guards. Unfortunately, this bill has not progressed any farther than the introductory stage at this time.… Continue reading

Is drunk driving the top cause of vehicle accidents?

For many years, people have tried to understand how and why motor vehicle accidents keep occurring. In this age of awareness and enlightenment, it seems inconceivable to many Kentucky residents that vehicle crashes are still a large problem. As you may already know, accidents happen for a number of reasons, but which cause occupies the top position?

Contrary to popular belief, drunk driving accidents are not quite as common as they were in past decades. Perhaps the harsher penalties associated with driving while intoxicated have finally begun to deter would-be offenders. Of course, drunk driving accidents do still occur, but there are two accident causes that edge out impaired driving as the top cause of vehicle crashes.

According to data analysis by Drivers.com, speeding is the second leading cause of motor vehicle crashes.… Continue reading

Crash tests, small cars and the increased risk

People often assume that all cars that do well on a crash test will do equally well if they get into an accident. A pickup can be just as safe as a compact car, using this logic.

Unfortunately, that is not always true. When researchers study this, they often find that small vehicles suffer more damage and put passengers in more danger when they crash into bigger vehicles. It’s simple physics. The smaller car has less mass and sits lower to the ground, so it takes more of the damage when the two crash.

The problem is that it is only recently that those running the tests started to consider vehicle size differences when assigning ratings. In the past, they would crash too similar cars and assign ratings based on the results.… Continue reading