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Is drunk driving the top cause of vehicle accidents?

For many years, people have tried to understand how and why motor vehicle accidents keep occurring. In this age of awareness and enlightenment, it seems inconceivable to many Kentucky residents that vehicle crashes are still a large problem. As you may already know, accidents happen for a number of reasons, but which cause occupies the top position?

Contrary to popular belief, drunk driving accidents are not quite as common as they were in past decades. Perhaps the harsher penalties associated with driving while intoxicated have finally begun to deter would-be offenders. Of course, drunk driving accidents do still occur, but there are two accident causes that edge out impaired driving as the top cause of vehicle crashes.

According to data analysis by, speeding is the second leading cause of motor vehicle crashes. People in general are much more hurried than they were in the past. The urge to get where you are going as quickly as possible leads to a great many serious car, truck, pedestrian and motorcycle accidents.

With the advent of personal communication technology, distracted driving has taken over as the leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. Research shows that motorists who operate hand-held devices while driving are “4 times more likely” to have an accident than are motorists that focus on driving their vehicles.

With that said, drunk driving accidents still require a response from victims and even the public at large. So long as people continue to speak out and take legal action against offenders who drive under the influence, lawmakers will probably continue imposing severe penalties when these laws are violated.

If you are a victim of a drunk driving crash and want to do your part to help eliminate the problem of intoxicated driving, consider talking with someone who knows the law. Together, you can help make your community a safer place for motorists and pedestrians alike.