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Kentucky residents should learn about underride truck accidents

You probably already know that truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries or death, but not all truck accidents are the same. One of the most dangerous types of collisions between a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle is the underride crash. These crashes occur when a smaller vehicle slides underneath a truck during an accident.

Currently, all trailers in the nation must be equipped with rear underride guards. However, no legislation exists requiring companies to install side guards on trailers and front guards on trucks. In 2017, several government leaders sponsored the Stop Underrides Act, which would make it mandatory for trailers to have side guards and for trucks to have front guards. Unfortunately, this bill has not progressed any farther than the introductory stage at this time.

We wanted to talk about these devastating truck accidents because they are so dangerous. When these crashes occur, they often leave surviving victims with serious brain injury and/or other severe injuries. They can also lead to fatalities and even cause death by decapitation.

Sometimes, neither the truck driver nor the trucking company was at fault for such an accident. While there is little victims can do to find a legal remedy in these cases, it is still important to speak out about the accident. When people actively discuss these dangerous trucking issues, the more likely it is that lawmakers will take appropriate action.

In underride truck accidents caused by negligence on the trucker or trucking company’s part, victims have an even better chance of motivating lawmakers. Seeking a remedy through the justice system after an accident injures you or kills your loved one gives you a platform from which to voice your opinion about side, front and rear underride guards.

Because so many truck accidents affect our neighbors in Kentucky, we have made additional information about your legal options following any accident available on our website. We urge you to learn more and take an active role in preventing these deadly crashes.