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Trick-or-treating neighborhoods draw lots of foot traffic

Today’s kids don’t have trick or treat time to waste sussing out the best neighborhoods to bring in big hauls of the really good candy. That’s why The Courier-Journal published its own thoroughly unscientific poll of the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Louisville.

Hillcrest Avenue

Welcome to Halloween “ground zero.” Want to know more? Go to its website and check out the decorations, too. This neighborhood is at the top of its Halloween game.

Alfresco Place and Rutherford Avenue

The neighborhood surrounding St. Francis of Assisi Church reportedly is a hotbed of good candy.

Cherokee Triangle

They must be well-stocked, as some Triangle residents state they had “hundreds” of Halloween visitors in previous years.

Boulevard Napoleon

Located near the Halloween stalwart neighborhood of Alfresco and Rutherford, this neighborhood also has a great reputation for giving good candy.

Norton Commons

Go check out its “old-school Halloween vibe.”

Audubon Park

Start at the Preston Highway end to see the best action.

Dangerous time for drunk driving

With all of these neighborhoods handing out so much sweet haul, there are bound to be many kids out trick-or-treating this Halloween. Since this is also a holiday where many adults are drinking alcohol, the potential for catastrophes rises.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking and having fun at Halloween. But drinkers shouldn’t drive after imbibing, so arrange your ride home from the festivities ahead of time. Have a designated driver on hand or download the Lyft or Uber app to your phone.

If you wind up injured by a negligent drunk driver on Halloween, you may have to file a claim for damages for your injuries and other losses.