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How can truck drivers improve road safety for all motorists?

You may already know this, but it does not hurt to repeat it: All drivers who travel on Kentucky roads have a responsibility to promote safety. This includes private motorists as well as those who operate large rigs and other commercial vehicles. In a perfect world, we would all do our part to reduce car and truck accidents simply by following the rules of the road. This means:

  • No driving while intoxicated
  • No speeding
  • No driving an unfit motor vehicle
  • Obeying all traffic laws and speed limits
  • Setting distractions aside
  • Paying careful attention to what is happening around you

It is not a perfect world, which means truck accidents can and do happen, injuring thousands of American citizens each year. You have probably learned a lot about how to safely operate your vehicle around large trucks, but what obligations do truckers have when they take to the roads. The list below offers several safe driving tips truck drivers would be wise to adopt.

  • Properly maintaining their vehicles
  • Staying alert and watchful of potential dangers
  • Keeping a sharp eye on the vehicles’ blind spots
  • Making certain the trucks’ cargo is evenly and properly distributed
  • Being watchful of changing weather conditions
  • Putting cellphones and other distractions away
  • Taking care of the mind and the body to make sure they are fit to drive

While you can assume that no trucker wants to cause or be involved in a truck accident, it is clear that these crashes still happen. Those who would like to hold a negligent or irresponsible trucker (or trucking company) to account for his or her role in a truck accident may find a remedy through the Kentucky justice system.

An injury attorney can help you navigate this process. He or she can also provide you with advice about how to file an insurance claim or initiate an injury lawsuit.