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When does jackknifing happen?

Jackknifing crashes happen when the back tires of a truck start to slide out to the side of the vehicle and actually begin sliding faster than the front. This can cause a truck to start sliding down the road sideways, cause it to flip out of control or simply go off the road and collide with other objects and vehicles. In these situations, costly damages, catastrophic injuries and fatalities could happen.

Usually, drivers expect a truck to jackknife in slick and icy conditions during the rain or winter time. These are high-risk times for a truck to slide out of control like this, but it’s equally possible for a semitruck or other vehicles to jackknife in dry conditions if the driver is speeding, reckless or has overloaded or improperly loaded the trailer.

In addition, a driver could find him- or herself in a tailspin or jackknife situation on dry pavement if his or her brakes are poorly maintained, if the driver brakes too hard given an emergency situation or if the anti-lock brakes malfunction. Jackknifes may also occur as a result of bad road conditions or simply poor and reckless driving technique.

Were you or your loved one hurt in a jackknife crash with a semitruck. In some cases like these, injured victims will have the ability to pursue financial damages in court. Therefore, you may want to take the time to fully investigate the facts surrounding your case and injuries to ascertain your legal rights and options. Our law office is standing by to help you in this regard.