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Toyota recalls 89,700 Lexus vehicles

You spent an arm and a leg for your luxury import vehicle, so you certainly don’t expect that the car will cause you to break your arms and your legs. Nevertheless, there are plenty of problematic cars on the road that have dangerous – potentially injury-causing – defects associated with them. One of the most recent defects like this related to 89,700 2008-19 Lexus LX57, Toyota Land Cruiser models. The defects triggered a massive recall announcement in December 2018 from the automaker for safety reasons.

The owners of the recalled Lexus SUVs should be warned of the problems related to the occupant classification system for the front passenger. The device has an error related to the seat belt sensor. According to Mercedes, the sensor can malfunction as the vehicle gets older, and this could cause the air bag warning to improperly relay information about the air bags.

As a part of the recall, Lexus is requesting that the owners of the affected vehicles bring their cars into the nearest dealership for a free repair. The defect can result in the air bag warning light indicating “off,” when it’s not actually off. It can also cause various other passenger-side air bags to deactivate without warning when passengers and the driver assume that they are functioning properly.

This problem poses a risk to passengers and drivers of these vehicles need to be aware of these risks – not only to save passengers from the threat of serious injury but also to prevent the driver of the car from liability in the event the problem causes a passenger to get hurt.

If you or a passenger in your car were injured as a result of an auto defect, a thorough understanding of your situation in the context of state personal injury laws will help you identify your best next steps.