Accident Victim

The TJ Smith Guide to Personal Injury Law

Recovering damages for a personal injury following an accident can be a complicated and frustrating experience. Many insurance company adjusters are quick to look for reasons to deny or attempt avoiding payment of a claim when they think they can find a technicality to support their position. Insurance companies are not obligated to a claimant beyond paying damages for what can be proven in court. In addition, insurance company claims adjusters are professionally trained negotiators who recognize when a claimant can be persuaded to settle a claim in short order with a full future medical liability release, effectively ending the claim for less than its full value. These reasons alone are enough to establish that any individual who is injured due to the negligence of another person should have experienced personal injury legal representation.… Continue reading

Kentucky motorcyclist killed in accident

As the weather warms up all over the great state of Kentucky, motorcyclists are dusting off their motorcycles and hitting the roads again. And who can blame them? The Bluegrass State has some of the best scenery in the nation, and seeing it all from a motorcycle is an incredible way to experience that beauty. But that wonderful sense of freedom you get on a motorcycle comes with some inherent dangers.

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time across the state, often when other drivers are unaware of motorcyclists or are unwilling to safely share the road. Suddenly, that exposure to the elements that makes motorcycle riding so enjoyable becomes a detriment. With little to no protection, crashes can be devastating for riders.… Continue reading

Kentucky man killed in motorcycle accident

When a loved one dies, it is a difficult thing to deal with for those who have been left behind. When it is the result of a motorcycle accident, it can leave those left behind with many unanswered questions. When two vehicles are involved in a collision and one of the drivers leaves the scene of the accident, those questions can multiply. This can leave those who are already mourning feeling even more helpless and frustrated in their quest for closure.

Recently in Laurel County, a motorcyclist was killed when a Dodge Neon driven by a woman pulled out in front of him. In the accident, the male motorcyclist was thrown from the bike he was driving and suffered critical injuries.… Continue reading