Drunk Driver

Kentucky works to combat drunk driving

When drivers are impaired by an excessive blood alcohol concentration, it can have serious repercussions for them and those around them. As a result, authorities are constantly looking for ways to crack down on instances of drunk driving. Unfortunately many accidents still occur as a result of people driving while intoxicated and the costs can be high. Throughout the U.S. countless families are left struggling to adapt to the loss of a loved one in the wake of such accidents.

In Kentucky, Hopkinsville Police Department has chosen to fight back by participating in a campaign entitled Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. The campaign, which is to involve high-profile events, aims to crack down on impaired driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that such campaigns can reduce fatalities from drunk driving by a possible 20 percent.… Continue reading

Drunk driving accidents increase around Independence Day

The Fourth of July is a time to celebrate our independence and all the things that make our country great. For many, it’s also become a time for drunken revelry, which is perfectly fine when handled responsibly. Unfortunately, because of their impaired judgment, many end up driving while intoxicated over the holiday weekend and wind up killing themselves and others.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 79 people died in car accidents July 4 of 2012 — the last year data are available. Of those people who died in car accidents, 78 at minimum involved one driver or motorcyclist who had a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or more. What is disturbing is that it appears through this data that 2012 was not an anomaly.… Continue reading

Driver blows 0.243 BAC after hitting parked cars in Louisville

In an effort not to be caught driving while intoxicated, too many drivers hastily depart an accident scene. It’s difficult to quantify with certainty how many hit-and-runs are drunk driving accidents, since not all drivers are apprehended in time to be tested for blood-alcohol content levels. Still, anecdotal evidence shows that in a large proportion of cases in which the drivers are apprehended early enough, their blood-alcohol level is shown to be above Kentucky’s legal limit for driving.

This happened on a recent night in Louisville, shortly after 1 a.m., when a 44-year-old man driving an SUV crashed into a number of parked vehicles and just kept going. Apparently he didn’t realize or perhaps didn’t care that the impact had been hard enough that his front right wheel had fallen off.… Continue reading

Drunk driver in Kentucky drives wrong way and causes accident

Drunk driving accidents continue to be an issue in Kentucky. Recently, an alleged drunk driver drove the wrong way and crashed head-on into a semi truck. The accident occurred on Interstate 71. It is reported that the accident caused another semi truck to drive off the road and into a ditch. The driver was accused of driving while intoxicated by alcohol, in addition to other charges.

The extent of the alleged drunk driver’s injuries is unknown, and no other injuries have been reported. However, the driver is also accused of assaulting an emergency responder while being carried through the back of the ambulance.

It is a lucky occurrence when a drunk driving accident does not cause any serious injuries, as often times they do.… Continue reading

Can car manufacturer defects be figured into accident claims?

Between making sure kids have securely fastened their seat belts to the behavior of other drivers on the road, parents have a lot to worry while behind the wheel. As such, parents do everything they can to ensure the safety of everyone in their vehicle. Still, those measures may not be enough to prevent the effects of a serious car accident.

Readers in Louisville may be interested to read about the difficulty one family faced while pursuing a civil claim in Tennessee. The family filed a claim for a car crash involving a drunk driver. However, they also sought compensation from Ford Motor Co. for a safety defect in their car that had a serious impact on the outcome of the case.… Continue reading