Drunk Driving Accident

Know your limits to avoid driving drunk

The roads of Kentucky see all too many dangerous drivers. Some go too fast, some pay too little attention and many drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This final group can often be the most dangerous as they may believe that they are safe to drive even though they are not. Furthermore, their intoxication cannot only make them slow to react but can also lead them to drive erratically and unpredictably.

Sadly, the biggest problem with this is that it puts everyone else on the road at risk. As this article on DUI penalties explains, it is important to know your limits and not to take any chances. However, no matter how careful you are personally, you could still find yourself at the mercy of an irresponsible driver.… Continue reading

Kentucky woman facing DUI charge after hitting school bus

Most people think of DUI arrests as stemming from the use of alcohol or illegal drugs, but there’s another form of impairment that can be just as damaging. Drunk driving accidents can just as easily be caused by perfectly legal prescription drugs. Medicines like benzodiazepines, pain killers and even less potent drugs can slow reaction times or even cause drivers to zone out.

One Kentucky woman is facing a charge of driving under the influence after her vehicle side-swiped a school bus—which was full of children at the time—in Harlan County. But she wasn’t drinking or using illegal drugs. She had taken Loratab, a pain killer and nerve medicine, both drugs that were prescribed to her.

She was driving around a curve that locals have dubbed “Dead Man’s Curve” and crossed over the center line, striking the school bus as it came around the turn in the opposite direction.… Continue reading

Driver blows 0.243 BAC after hitting parked cars in Louisville

In an effort not to be caught driving while intoxicated, too many drivers hastily depart an accident scene. It’s difficult to quantify with certainty how many hit-and-runs are drunk driving accidents, since not all drivers are apprehended in time to be tested for blood-alcohol content levels. Still, anecdotal evidence shows that in a large proportion of cases in which the drivers are apprehended early enough, their blood-alcohol level is shown to be above Kentucky’s legal limit for driving.

This happened on a recent night in Louisville, shortly after 1 a.m., when a 44-year-old man driving an SUV crashed into a number of parked vehicles and just kept going. Apparently he didn’t realize or perhaps didn’t care that the impact had been hard enough that his front right wheel had fallen off.… Continue reading

Louisville motorcycle death: Charges dropped against driver

After a fatal auto accident involving a drunk driver, the family of the deceased can usually count on police to closely investigate the circumstances of the crash. The criminal investigation of a fatal DUI accident can also bolster a wrongful death claim brought by the family of the deceased.

However, in a fatal motorcycle accident case playing out in Louisville right now, unusual circumstances have derailed the criminal process.

In 2012, a woman on a motorcycle was killed when she was hit by a driver who was allegedly intoxicated at the time. An officer on the scene conducted a field sobriety test on the driver, and a subsequent test showed that his blood-alcohol level was only slightly above the legal limit.… Continue reading

Twin baby girls in tragic Louisville crash: 1 dead, 1 critical

Even the most conscientious parent shares the roads of Kentucky with motorists that may show little respect for the safety of children. This is a risk that can have heart-breaking results, especially when a very young child dies in a preventable vehicle accident.

A fatal accident occurred on a recent Friday night in Louisville. A van driven by a mother, with her twin baby daughters and two teenage girls as passengers, was involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident. The van was hit when another car ploughed past a stop sign and into the vehicle. One of the 5-month-old babies was killed, and the other remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Authorities have arrested a 51-year-old man alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol while at the helm of the car that crashed into the woman’s van.… Continue reading

Drunk driver in Kentucky drives wrong way and causes accident

Drunk driving accidents continue to be an issue in Kentucky. Recently, an alleged drunk driver drove the wrong way and crashed head-on into a semi truck. The accident occurred on Interstate 71. It is reported that the accident caused another semi truck to drive off the road and into a ditch. The driver was accused of driving while intoxicated by alcohol, in addition to other charges.

The extent of the alleged drunk driver’s injuries is unknown, and no other injuries have been reported. However, the driver is also accused of assaulting an emergency responder while being carried through the back of the ambulance.

It is a lucky occurrence when a drunk driving accident does not cause any serious injuries, as often times they do.… Continue reading

Police arrest Lexington party-goer for hit and run

Why do hit-and-run drivers flee? Sometimes they leave the scene because they are intoxicated and don’t want to get arrested. Or the maybe the hit-and-run driver doesn’t have a valid license. Other drivers flee the scene because they are in possession of an illegal substance. And still others have committed parole violations and don’t want to return to prison.

In any case, Kentucky authorities rightfully take hit-and-run accidents very seriously. Unfortunately, too often the people who pay the biggest price for a hit-and-run crash are the victims who have been hit.

Police say that a party at a Lexington home recently escalated into an altercation, and a 21-year-old party-goer drove his vehicle into a fellow reveller. The driver didn’t wait or check on the condition of the victim, but instead fled the scene.… Continue reading