Drunk Driving Accidents

What should you do if you see a drunk driver?

The last thing you want to see when driving is a person who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Maybe they’re swerving all over the road. Or maybe they’ve struck an object, such as a parked vehicle or traffic sign.

There are many steps to take if you spot a drunk driver, including the following:

  • Keep your distance: Driving too closely to a drunk driver increases your risk of being involved in an accident.
  • Call 911: This isn’t a time for you to take over and attempt to stop the person on your own. Call 911, explain what you’re seeing and ask them what you should do next.
  • Provide information: To make it easier on police, provide the 911 dispatcher with information regarding location, make, model and license plate number.
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Will a drunk driving conviction support my car accident case?

When someone causes you to suffer serious injuries in a car accident — because he or she was negligent, unlawful or reckless — that person is financially liable for your injuries. If the individual happened to be operating his or her vehicle while intoxicated at the time of the crash, this evidence can strengthen your case and help you pursue financial damages relating to the cost of your medical care, lost income, legal fees and more.

As to the question of whether a criminal drunk driving conviction will help to support your claim for damages, the answer is decidedly “Yes.”, you can also request more information about criminal representation to confirm this. The criminal court process will be separate and apart from your personal injury case, as criminal cases are handled via the criminal justice system and personal injury cases proceed through the civil court system.… Continue reading

Is drunk driving the top cause of vehicle accidents?

For many years, people have tried to understand how and why motor vehicle accidents keep occurring. In this age of awareness and enlightenment, it seems inconceivable to many Kentucky residents that vehicle crashes are still a large problem. As you may already know, accidents happen for a number of reasons, but which cause occupies the top position?

Contrary to popular belief, drunk driving accidents are not quite as common as they were in past decades. Perhaps the harsher penalties associated with driving while intoxicated have finally begun to deter would-be offenders. Of course, drunk driving accidents do still occur, but there are two accident causes that edge out impaired driving as the top cause of vehicle crashes.

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Kentucky driver faces OVI charge over school bus collision

Accidents can happen on the streets and roads of the Bluegrass State, and drivers work together to get over them when they happen. One thing that always spells bad news for people on the roads is a driver who had one too many drinks. When it comes to road safety, even one drink is one too many.

Any amount of alcohol that can be detected in a person’s system above a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .02 or higher makes it illegal to drive. Lower levels can result in a charge of operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI), while driving under the influence (DUI) of higher levels of alcohol or drugs is a more serious charge.

A 21-year-old woman from Independence is facing an OVI charge after a vehicle she was driving caused an accident.… Continue reading

How can someone who is blackout drunk still drive?

When a person is blackout drunk, they cannot remember portions of the night before. In some cases, they lose entire chunks of time — hours of lost memories. In other cases, their memories just drift in and out, and they may remember some things later if another person brings it up.

How can someone who can’t even remember the night still drive a car? How is it possible for a person who is blackout drunk to get behind the wheel and cause an accident?

When people think of “blacking out,” they often think of someone being virtually unconscious. This is not really what happens, at least not with alcohol. It is more like giving someone anterograde amnesia. The brain just struggles to create memories of events as they happen.… Continue reading

Mother from West Virginia dies in Kentucky DUI accident

A woman has passed away after a suspected drunk driving accident in Pike County, Kentucky. She was from Mingo County, West Virginia. The Kentucky State Police released the news of her passing.

Per the authorities, a 25-year-old woman from Kentucky was driving down US 119 when her car went through the median and slammed into a second car coming the opposite way. That vehicle contained a woman, a 14-year-old child and the woman’s husband.

The violent impact was so serious that the woman in that second car died at the accident scene. She was already gone before emergency crews could take her to the hospital. They did take the child and the adult male to area medical centers, where they were treated and released.… Continue reading

Does drunk driving cause more accidents than drugged driving?

Drugged driving and drunk driving can often have a very similar appearance. Drivers have slower reaction times, they make more simple mistakes and they cause car accidents. But which type of driving is more dangerous?

Experts do not agree in full, but one study claims that drugged driving is actually more likely to be fatal. The study, which was reported on in 2017, looked at the statistics from 2015. It found that drivers in deadly accidents were on drugs more often than they were drunk behind the wheel. This suggests that drugs are more dangerous.

The study tested the blood of drivers who had been killed in these crashes. It found that about 37 percent of them — more than a third — had alcohol in their systems at the time of the accident.… Continue reading

Drunk people do not understand their real level of intoxication

If you went in to work after having a few drinks at lunch, how would you feel? As you sat in your cubicle with many people around you who were completely sober, would you start feeling like you were really intoxicated? Would you worry that it was obvious to everyone around you? Sure, you only had three beers, but you would probably feel drunk.

Now consider how you would feel if you had three beers at a holiday party where everyone was severely intoxicated. Imagine that some people have passed out from drinking too much, others are playing drinking games and doing shot after shot and still others are so out of it you know they will not remember the party in the morning.… Continue reading

Guilty plea reached in fatal Kentucky DUI crash

A guilty plea has been submitted in a fatal Kentucky DUI crash stemming back to 2016. The plea was entered late in August. The crash killed a teen from Sebree last year. The guilty plea of manslaughter is a lesser charge for the defendant in the case, a 20-year-old from Union County.

The plea of guilty to second-degree manslaughter was entered in Union County Circuit Court on Aug. 28. The charged was changed from murder. The defendant pleaded guilty to a host of other charges that included failure to wear a seat belt, third offense for driving under the influence, second offense for driving with a suspended license and wanton endangerment in the first-degree.

It is recommended that the defendant be sentenced to 10 years in prison.… Continue reading

Explaining an ignition interlock device in Kentucky

Kentucky has strict laws governing driving under the influence (DUI), protecting victims of these incidents and sometimes tragic accidents. For those who have been charged with DUI, there is a device known as the ignition interlock that tests the alcohol level of the driver prior to driving a vehicle. This is a deterrent for repeat offenses and a method to protect innocent victims.

This device is installed in the vehicle of someone charged with DUI in an effort to prevent drunk driving in the future. The driver must blow air into the device and if alcohol is found in your system, the ignition will lock and not allow the vehicle to start. The first time the driver blows into the device, the ignition will lock for a handful of minutes.… Continue reading