Fatal Car Accident

Accident claims the life of 18-year-old Kentucky girl

An 18-year-old girl from Lexington has been killed in a tragic accident in Fayette County. It all started when authorities tried to pull over a Toyota Camry around 11:30 at night. The Camry was showing up in the system as stolen, so they pulled the driver over, but vehicle sped away and they decided not to chase it. Just a few minutes later, an officer reported seeing a car going the wrong way down the road, and around 10 minutes later, officials started receiving calls of an accident.

The driver of the Camry collided with a white pickup truck and then was hit by another vehicle. The 18-year-old girl who was killed was riding in the passenger seat of the Camry.… Continue reading

Head-on collision takes child’s life in Pike County

In a perfect world, there would be no risk involved with necessary activities. Driving to work or taking your children to school would be a simple task, and there would be no fear of unimaginable tragedy. Unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect world, and a wrongful death can irrevocably alter a family’s life in an instant.

A fatal car accident occurred in Pike County, Kentucky, in early April. According to police who reconstructed the accident, a westbound driver crossed into oncoming traffic in order to avoid a stopped vehicle. The car then collided with an oncoming vehicle in the eastbound lane, injuring the driver and two passengers. In a tragic turn of events, the car traveling in the eastbound lane was carrying a child, who died as a result of her injuries.… Continue reading

Louisville motorcycle death: Charges dropped against driver

After a fatal auto accident involving a drunk driver, the family of the deceased can usually count on police to closely investigate the circumstances of the crash. The criminal investigation of a fatal DUI accident can also bolster a wrongful death claim brought by the family of the deceased.

However, in a fatal motorcycle accident case playing out in Louisville right now, unusual circumstances have derailed the criminal process.

In 2012, a woman on a motorcycle was killed when she was hit by a driver who was allegedly intoxicated at the time. An officer on the scene conducted a field sobriety test on the driver, and a subsequent test showed that his blood-alcohol level was only slightly above the legal limit.… Continue reading

Twin baby girls in tragic Louisville crash: 1 dead, 1 critical

Even the most conscientious parent shares the roads of Kentucky with motorists that may show little respect for the safety of children. This is a risk that can have heart-breaking results, especially when a very young child dies in a preventable vehicle accident.

A fatal accident occurred on a recent Friday night in Louisville. A van driven by a mother, with her twin baby daughters and two teenage girls as passengers, was involved in a tragic motor vehicle accident. The van was hit when another car ploughed past a stop sign and into the vehicle. One of the 5-month-old babies was killed, and the other remains hospitalized in critical condition.

Authorities have arrested a 51-year-old man alleged to have been under the influence of alcohol while at the helm of the car that crashed into the woman’s van.… Continue reading

Man killed in car accident on KY 801

It goes without saying that the death of a loved one is a very painful and difficult experience. When a friend or familymember is unexpectedly killed in a car accident, it can be that much more traumatizing. The mental suffering family and friends go through when their loved one is killed in an accident is hard to imagine.

An Ohio man was recently killed while driving in Kentucky on KY 801. It is reported that the driver who died was unable to maintain control of his vehicle while in icy conditions and crashed into another car. The other driver survived and was treated for injuries. It is not known yet why the driver lost control over his vehicle, but the accident is still being investigated.… Continue reading

Fatal car accidents decline across Kentucky in 2013

Car accident fatalities declined in 2013 across Kentucky, according to a recent news report. The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety reported that the total number of traffic fatalities dropped by more than 100 from 2012 to 2013. While that is great news, this trend did not hold true here in Jefferson County.

In Jefferson County, we actually experienced a 33 percent increase in car accident fatalities in 2013. The commander of the Louisville Metro Police traffic unit has stated that the failure to use seatbelts and other safety devices, as well as distracted driving and speeding, is linked to the spike in traffic fatalities. 

Statewide, Kentucky posted the fewest fatalities since the year 1949, according the the Office of Highway Safety.… Continue reading