Motorcyclist killed in Kentucky July Fourth weekend

July Fourth weekend was a fantastic time to get out and enjoy a motorcycle ride on Kentucky’s beautiful highways and byways. The weather was beautiful in many areas, and, as always, the scenery was unbeatable. Unfortunately, as is the case all across the country, the Fourth of July is also a dangerous time to be on the road. It’s generally a time of revelry and that usually means the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Impaired people make inadvisable decisions to get behind the wheel and risk their lives and the lives of others in the process.

A motorcycle accident July 3 took the life of one man and injured two others. It happened when a Ford Mustang drifted into the oncoming lane and slammed into a Kawasaki motorcycle.… Continue reading

Kentucky man killed in motorcycle accident

When a loved one dies, it is a difficult thing to deal with for those who have been left behind. When it is the result of a motorcycle accident, it can leave those left behind with many unanswered questions. When two vehicles are involved in a collision and one of the drivers leaves the scene of the accident, those questions can multiply. This can leave those who are already mourning feeling even more helpless and frustrated in their quest for closure.

Recently in Laurel County, a motorcyclist was killed when a Dodge Neon driven by a woman pulled out in front of him. In the accident, the male motorcyclist was thrown from the bike he was driving and suffered critical injuries.… Continue reading

Louisville motorcycle death: Charges dropped against driver

After a fatal auto accident involving a drunk driver, the family of the deceased can usually count on police to closely investigate the circumstances of the crash. The criminal investigation of a fatal DUI accident can also bolster a wrongful death claim brought by the family of the deceased.

However, in a fatal motorcycle accident case playing out in Louisville right now, unusual circumstances have derailed the criminal process.

In 2012, a woman on a motorcycle was killed when she was hit by a driver who was allegedly intoxicated at the time. An officer on the scene conducted a field sobriety test on the driver, and a subsequent test showed that his blood-alcohol level was only slightly above the legal limit.… Continue reading

Kentucky teen dies in motorcycle accident

No parent anticipates outliving his or her child. Many parents cringe as their children take on risks such as playing contact sports or riding motorcycles. Naturally, there is the urge to shelter and protect kids from all of the potential threats, but there is also a fine line between overprotecting and simply caring deeply for a child.

The parents of a teenager in Lee County may be feeling these emotions after the 15-year-old recently lost his life in a motorcycle accident. The initial crash investigation has led police to suspect that the teen may have been struck when he pulled in front of another vehicle. The motorcyclist was reportedly driving without the protection of a helmet.

With any fatal accident, it is important that police determine exactly how the crash occurred.… Continue reading