A single mistake could turn your life upside-down

Motorcyclists in Kentucky know how dangerous the roads can be. No matter how many years you have been riding or how often you have traveled a particular route, accidents can still occur and they can happen to anyone. The big problem is that when anyone at all makes a mistake on the roads, it affects everyone around them, often causing serious injuries, expensive property damage and even costing lives.

For motorcyclists the risks are even greater. An uneven road surface or unexpected obstacle is far more dangerous to a motorcyclist than to the driver of a car or larger vehicle. The same can be said of poor weather conditions. A motorcycle can very easily be thrown off course if either of its wheels slips or is jarred, as it only has one other wheel to compensate for the issue.… Continue reading

Kentucky accident proves fatal for motorcyclist

Most road-users in Kentucky will be familiar with the sight of motorcycles on the highways. These smaller vehicles can often be difficult to spot, so it is vital for drivers and motorcyclists alike to remain vigilant at all times. Unfortunately, even when the greatest care is taken, motorcycle accidents can still occur, often with disastrous consequences. The sad fact is that it only takes one person’s mistake to put everyone else in danger.

In Louisville, a crash occurred one afternoon as a car attempted to cross the highway from a parking lot. A motorcycle traveling south is reported to have lost control while attempting to avoid the car. In the process, the victim was thrown from the motorcycle, striking the car in the process.… Continue reading

Motorcyclist killed in Kentucky July Fourth weekend

July Fourth weekend was a fantastic time to get out and enjoy a motorcycle ride on Kentucky’s beautiful highways and byways. The weather was beautiful in many areas, and, as always, the scenery was unbeatable. Unfortunately, as is the case all across the country, the Fourth of July is also a dangerous time to be on the road. It’s generally a time of revelry and that usually means the consumption of alcoholic beverages. Impaired people make inadvisable decisions to get behind the wheel and risk their lives and the lives of others in the process.

A motorcycle accident July 3 took the life of one man and injured two others. It happened when a Ford Mustang drifted into the oncoming lane and slammed into a Kawasaki motorcycle.… Continue reading

Kentucky motorcyclist killed in accident

As the weather warms up all over the great state of Kentucky, motorcyclists are dusting off their motorcycles and hitting the roads again. And who can blame them? The Bluegrass State has some of the best scenery in the nation, and seeing it all from a motorcycle is an incredible way to experience that beauty. But that wonderful sense of freedom you get on a motorcycle comes with some inherent dangers.

Motorcycle accidents happen all the time across the state, often when other drivers are unaware of motorcyclists or are unwilling to safely share the road. Suddenly, that exposure to the elements that makes motorcycle riding so enjoyable becomes a detriment. With little to no protection, crashes can be devastating for riders.… Continue reading

Kentucky man killed in motorcycle accident

When a loved one dies, it is a difficult thing to deal with for those who have been left behind. When it is the result of a motorcycle accident, it can leave those left behind with many unanswered questions. When two vehicles are involved in a collision and one of the drivers leaves the scene of the accident, those questions can multiply. This can leave those who are already mourning feeling even more helpless and frustrated in their quest for closure.

Recently in Laurel County, a motorcyclist was killed when a Dodge Neon driven by a woman pulled out in front of him. In the accident, the male motorcyclist was thrown from the bike he was driving and suffered critical injuries.… Continue reading

Authorities say speed a factor in fatal motorcycle wreck

Motorcyclists are generally aware of the higher risk of injury in the event of a crash. Less protection around the body means a greater chance that a collision will result in a trip to the hospital. While focusing too much on the possibility of injury can certainly diminish the joy of riding on the open road, risk of injury is a reality motorcyclists confront whenever they get on their bikes.

For one Kentucky man’s family, that reality has become all too harsh. On April 13, a 53-year-old Debord man was killed after losing control of his bike and hitting a guardrail. He was going around a curve at the time, and the local sheriff’s office indicated that speed was likely a factor.… Continue reading

Kentucky teen dies in motorcycle accident

No parent anticipates outliving his or her child. Many parents cringe as their children take on risks such as playing contact sports or riding motorcycles. Naturally, there is the urge to shelter and protect kids from all of the potential threats, but there is also a fine line between overprotecting and simply caring deeply for a child.

The parents of a teenager in Lee County may be feeling these emotions after the 15-year-old recently lost his life in a motorcycle accident. The initial crash investigation has led police to suspect that the teen may have been struck when he pulled in front of another vehicle. The motorcyclist was reportedly driving without the protection of a helmet.

With any fatal accident, it is important that police determine exactly how the crash occurred.… Continue reading

With motorcycle wreck behind him, Petrino returns to Louisville

You would have to try really hard in order to not hear the words “Bobby Petrino” around Louisville the past couple of days. The infamous football coach — who made a name for himself at the University of Louisville from 2003-2006 — is back with the Cardinals after some controversial career stops in the National Football League and the University of Arkansas. In Atlanta, he quit 13 games into his first season as coach (causing some uproar from players and fans), and then a storm of controversy followed him to the University of Arkansas.

We won’t get into the particulars there, but needless to say the phrases “Bobby Petrino” and “motorcycle accident” are forever linked.

Of particular import to this new story is a famous image of Petrino after he had been involved in that motorcycle accident.… Continue reading