Police arrest Lexington party-goer for hit and run

Why do hit-and-run drivers flee? Sometimes they leave the scene because they are intoxicated and don’t want to get arrested. Or the maybe the hit-and-run driver doesn’t have a valid license. Other drivers flee the scene because they are in possession of an illegal substance. And still others have committed parole violations and don’t want to return to prison.

In any case, Kentucky authorities rightfully take hit-and-run accidents very seriously. Unfortunately, too often the people who pay the biggest price for a hit-and-run crash are the victims who have been hit.

Police say that a party at a Lexington home recently escalated into an altercation, and a 21-year-old party-goer drove his vehicle into a fellow reveller. The driver didn’t wait or check on the condition of the victim, but instead fled the scene.… Continue reading

Man falls out of truck, sustains head injury in rear-end crash

When a person is riding in a vehicle, there is some expectation that there are safety features in place to help minimize the effects of a crash. Sometimes, though, these measures may simply be inadequate. A recent accident involving has Kentucky State Police asking questions.

According to reports, a woman was driving on the highway, following a truck that contained a mowing crew. As the vehicles were in motion, the woman rear ended the truck. The force of the collision caused a member of the mowing crew to fall out of the vehicle. As a result of the crash, the man suffered head injuries, but they are not considered life threatening.

As time passes, the full extent of the man’s injuries will likely become clear.… Continue reading

Brain injury victims see gaps in recovery based on access to care

Getting involved in a serious accident can change a person’s life in a matter of moments. This may be particularly true if a person suffers a brain injury. However, as medical professionals gain a better understanding of how to treat brain injuries, accident victims are benefiting from the progress they might be able to make.

In a number of cases, brain injuries cause deficits in cognitive function, speech and language skills and motor skills. Going through advanced therapy can help individuals recover some of these abilities, but the costs of doing so can be staggering. Medical observers are beginning to notice disparities in brain injury patients’ recoveries, largely because certain patients can’t afford the necessary therapy and insurers may be unwilling to provide coverage.… Continue reading