Negligent Driver

Do not leave the scene of a fatal accident

Most drivers in Kentucky will witness a road accident at some point in their lives. Many may even become involved in one. Unfortunately, no matter how diligent and attentive you are personally, there is simply no way to prepare for all the things that could go wrong. If you are on the roads at the same time as a reckless or negligent driver, you could be in danger. Car crashes can often have devastating consequences, yet despite the trauma such an event can cause, it is important to make sure you act appropriately in the wake of the incident.

Immediately after a crash, there is a good chance that you will feel quite shaken. The first step is to summon medical attention for anyone who might need it and alert the police to the fact that a crash has occurred.… Continue reading

With motorcycle wreck behind him, Petrino returns to Louisville

You would have to try really hard in order to not hear the words “Bobby Petrino” around Louisville the past couple of days. The infamous football coach — who made a name for himself at the University of Louisville from 2003-2006 — is back with the Cardinals after some controversial career stops in the National Football League and the University of Arkansas. In Atlanta, he quit 13 games into his first season as coach (causing some uproar from players and fans), and then a storm of controversy followed him to the University of Arkansas.

We won’t get into the particulars there, but needless to say the phrases “Bobby Petrino” and “motorcycle accident” are forever linked.

Of particular import to this new story is a famous image of Petrino after he had been involved in that motorcycle accident.… Continue reading