Serious Injuries

A single mistake could turn your life upside-down

Motorcyclists in Kentucky know how dangerous the roads can be. No matter how many years you have been riding or how often you have traveled a particular route, accidents can still occur and they can happen to anyone. The big problem is that when anyone at all makes a mistake on the roads, it affects everyone around them, often causing serious injuries, expensive property damage and even costing lives.

For motorcyclists the risks are even greater. An uneven road surface or unexpected obstacle is far more dangerous to a motorcyclist than to the driver of a car or larger vehicle. The same can be said of poor weather conditions. A motorcycle can very easily be thrown off course if either of its wheels slips or is jarred, as it only has one other wheel to compensate for the issue.… Continue reading

Drunk driver in Kentucky drives wrong way and causes accident

Drunk driving accidents continue to be an issue in Kentucky. Recently, an alleged drunk driver drove the wrong way and crashed head-on into a semi truck. The accident occurred on Interstate 71. It is reported that the accident caused another semi truck to drive off the road and into a ditch. The driver was accused of driving while intoxicated by alcohol, in addition to other charges.

The extent of the alleged drunk driver’s injuries is unknown, and no other injuries have been reported. However, the driver is also accused of assaulting an emergency responder while being carried through the back of the ambulance.

It is a lucky occurrence when a drunk driving accident does not cause any serious injuries, as often times they do.… Continue reading