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More stringent rules to come for unsafe truck companies

Truck accidents are a major problem on the road. Due to their large size and weight, a truck accident can lead to more severe injuries and fatalities than a regular car accident. reports that the Federal Motor Carrier Administration is now making it easier to shut down the operations of any truck companies with an ongoing history of citations and safety concerns.

These new safety regulations allow the agency to shut down unsafe truck companies for repeated problems even in situations where their latest inspection didn’t quite warrant the operation to be put out of business. This comes after the agency has received criticism and was investigated for failing to shutter unsafe truck companies. The new safety regulations for truck companies should benefit drivers on the road.… Continue reading

Pair of major accidents in Louisville leaves 4 people injured

A pair of motor vehicle accidents in Louisville Kentucky recently snarled traffic — and lit up the night sky. The first wreck involved a semi truck and a car. The truck was trying to make a right turn, but the car attempted to pass the truck on the right at the same time. As a result, the car barreled into the truck and punctured its gas tank. The truck burst into flames, though the blaze was eventually controlled. Thankfully, no one was killed in the truck accident. Three people escaped with non-life threatening injuries.

The other accident involved a train and a car. Apparently the driver of the car became lost when he was in the vicinity of some train tracks.… Continue reading