1 Simple Rule to Safe Summer Driving

Most people have taken a driver’s education class of some kind. Whether it’s prior to getting a driver’s license or after getting a ticket, driving classes offer a wealth of information on how to drive safely and defensively to avoid accidents. These can include things like how much distance you should leave between you and the vehicle in front of you to tips for appropriately navigating through roundabouts to how to drive in adverse weather conditions.

There is, however, one very simple yet hard and fast rule that will help you avoid a vast number of accidents, no matter what conditions you are driving in. The rule is this: pay attention. Distracted driving is rising in importance in the legal world, in both law enforcement and litigation arenas.… Continue reading

3 Mini Road Trips – and How to Stay Safe During Them

Road trips are as American as apple pie. Many people have made history on road trips, like Jack Kerouac in his famous book, On the Road. If you’ve always wanted to share this quintessentially American experience, but you don’t have much time to spare, consider taking one of these 3 mini road trips to experience the freedom of the open road.

1. Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Duluth, Minnesota: The images that spring to mind when you think of a road trip are usually from the Midwest. A long highway stretching into the distance among rolling hills. A twisting road through towering evergreens. Dive bars and diners, the best pie you’ve ever had, and drinks with convivial company. The road from Minneapolis to Duluth has it all, from breathtaking wilderness to exciting forays into the culinary delicacies at Tobies in Hinckley.… Continue reading

5 Summer Driving Safety Hazards

With the amount of hazards that are associated with driving in the winter, you’d be surprised to hear that driving in the summer has its risks as well. From campers to constant road construction, here are the top five summer driving hazards that you should keep your eyes out for on the road.

1. Distracted Pedestrians

Earlier sunrises and nice weather are enough to bring out people walking among roads and crosswalks. However, this also increases the amount of distracted pedestrians as well.

Here are some safety tips on preserving the safety of even the most distracted pedestrians on the road:

– Always stop at crosswalks and do not pass vehicles stopped at a crosswalk

– Constantly keep an eye out for pedestrians, especially at night

– Look both ways for pedestrians before turning


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Is Social Media Affecting Your Driving?

Distracted driving has become a well-known issue in recent years. The ubiquity of smartphones has made it so that drivers all over have their eyes glued to screens rather than on the road. You might think that distracted driving, while not a good idea, is nowhere near as bad as drunk driving. In fact, distracted driving may be worse. Studies show that using your phone while driving slows your reaction time by over three times as much as being drunk. The key to much of this distraction seems to be social media.

“Just a Quick Look”

Many people who drive distracted do so with an inflated ego about their own driving skills. They think that since they’re so used to driving, they don’t have to worry about the risks of not paying attention.… Continue reading

4 Little Known Ways to Prevent an Auto Accident

We hear reports of car accidents on a daily basis. These can range from minor collisions to fatal occurrences. While certain factors, like driving at the proper speed, abstaining from drugs and alcohol and getting proper rest are widely-known ways to avoid an auto accident, there are other things you can prevent one that you might not know about.

1. Avoid Rollover Crashes

Rollover crashes, in which the car is knocked over on its side or turned over completely, have the highest rate of fatalities among car accidents. If you’re on the road and feel the weight of your car shifting here’s what you should do:

● Make minor adjustments to your steering

● Correct yourself

● Get back on the road

It’s important to be mindful of the placement of your car and its wheels at all times so that you can make the proper adjustments when necessary.… Continue reading

4 Signs You Need a Lawyer

Accidents are unfortunately a part of life. They happen to the best of us, even when we are trying to be careful. If you have been involved in an accident that has left you injured, you will want to receive compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages if you have to miss time at work. It means filing a personal injury claim, which means you will need legal representation. Here are four signs that you need a lawyer.

You are Involved in a Car Accident

One of the biggest signs that you need an attorney is if you are involved in a car accident. Perhaps the majority of personal injury claims stem from this type of accident.… Continue reading

Tips For Staying Safe Over The 4th Of July Holiday Weekend

As the 4th of July festivities get closer, you might be more worried about having enough food and drinks for your guests, or wondering about the best location for camping and enjoying a barbecue than you are about driving safety.

Accidents are inevitable on the roads even during a regular work week, but add in partying, fireworks and holiday fun, and it could be a disaster on the roads. They’re also one of the leading cause of brain injuries.

Drinking at the BBQ

You don’t want to be the only one not having fun at the BBQ, but it’s important that you drink responsibly. Be prepared to stay over if you have too much to drink while visiting friends and family.… Continue reading

10 Signs That Your Love One Might Be Being Abused In Their Nursing Home

Nursing homes and other care facilities can do a good job of hiding elder abuse. Elders belong to a disadvantaged group who are easily taken advantage of. Elder abuse comes in many forms: physical, emotional, sexual, financial and more. It may surprise you to know that neglect is also a form of abuse, and it happens far more often than people expect. Consider these signs so that you know what to look out for.

Obvious Physical Injuries

Elders should not be injured. Accidents can happen, but a nursing home should have policies and procedures to avoid these injuries. If an elder has issues with balance, they should be assisted. If an elder needs a two-person assist, it’s not adequate for one nurse to provide an assist.… Continue reading

Black Friday Safety Tips

Black Friday is one of the biggest and busiest shopping days of the year, and that makes it one of the most dangerous. Some people begin shopping as soon as Thanksgiving dinner is over, others head out late at night, and others wake up early the morning after to go out and find the best possible deals on gifts for their loved ones. It can be a fun experience, but it can also be one that’s quite dangerous. Before you head out with an empty trunk and a mug of coffee to shop in the middle of the night, you need to know how you can keep yourself safe. These safety tips might just save your life during the most wonderful time of the year.… Continue reading

Cold Weather Driving Tips

Winter weather isn’t always bad to drive in depending on where you live, but in some instances it’s dangerous. If you live anywhere temperatures drop below freezing and weather conditions impair roads and driving abilities, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the most common driving tips for cold weather excursions. The same goes for anyone who doesn’t live where winters are cold but plans on taking a trip that includes cold-weather driving. Winter is beautiful, but it’s capable of hiding many dangers on the road. Know what to look for to keep your family and everyone else on the road safe.

Open the Garage Before You Turn on the Car

One of the deadliest mistakes people make in the winter is starting the car in a closed garage.… Continue reading