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How can truck drivers improve road safety for all motorists?

You may already know this, but it does not hurt to repeat it: All drivers who travel on Kentucky roads have a responsibility to promote safety. This includes private motorists as well as those who operate large rigs and other commercial vehicles. In a perfect world, we would all do our part to reduce car and truck accidents simply by following the rules of the road. This means:

  • No driving while intoxicated
  • No speeding
  • No driving an unfit motor vehicle
  • Obeying all traffic laws and speed limits
  • Setting distractions aside
  • Paying careful attention to what is happening around you

It is not a perfect world, which means truck accidents can and do happen, injuring thousands of American citizens each year. You have probably learned a lot about how to safely operate your vehicle around large trucks, but what obligations do truckers have when they take to the roads.… Continue reading

Trick-or-treating neighborhoods draw lots of foot traffic

Today’s kids don’t have trick or treat time to waste sussing out the best neighborhoods to bring in big hauls of the really good candy. That’s why The Courier-Journal published its own thoroughly unscientific poll of the best trick-or-treating neighborhoods in Louisville.

Hillcrest Avenue

Welcome to Halloween “ground zero.” Want to know more? Go to its website and check out the decorations, too. This neighborhood is at the top of its Halloween game.

Alfresco Place and Rutherford Avenue

The neighborhood surrounding St. Francis of Assisi Church reportedly is a hotbed of good candy.

Cherokee Triangle

They must be well-stocked, as some Triangle residents state they had “hundreds” of Halloween visitors in previous years.

Boulevard Napoleon

Located near the Halloween stalwart neighborhood of Alfresco and Rutherford, this neighborhood also has a great reputation for giving good candy.… Continue reading

Kentucky residents should learn about underride truck accidents

You probably already know that truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries or death, but not all truck accidents are the same. One of the most dangerous types of collisions between a tractor-trailer and a passenger vehicle is the underride crash. These crashes occur when a smaller vehicle slides underneath a truck during an accident.

Currently, all trailers in the nation must be equipped with rear underride guards. However, no legislation exists requiring companies to install side guards on trailers and front guards on trucks. In 2017, several government leaders sponsored the Stop Underrides Act, which would make it mandatory for trailers to have side guards and for trucks to have front guards. Unfortunately, this bill has not progressed any farther than the introductory stage at this time.… Continue reading

Is drunk driving the top cause of vehicle accidents?

For many years, people have tried to understand how and why motor vehicle accidents keep occurring. In this age of awareness and enlightenment, it seems inconceivable to many Kentucky residents that vehicle crashes are still a large problem. As you may already know, accidents happen for a number of reasons, but which cause occupies the top position?

Contrary to popular belief, drunk driving accidents are not quite as common as they were in past decades. Perhaps the harsher penalties associated with driving while intoxicated have finally begun to deter would-be offenders. Of course, drunk driving accidents do still occur, but there are two accident causes that edge out impaired driving as the top cause of vehicle crashes.

According to data analysis by Drivers.comContinue reading

Crash tests, small cars and the increased risk

People often assume that all cars that do well on a crash test will do equally well if they get into an accident. A pickup can be just as safe as a compact car, using this logic.

Unfortunately, that is not always true. When researchers study this, they often find that small vehicles suffer more damage and put passengers in more danger when they crash into bigger vehicles. It’s simple physics. The smaller car has less mass and sits lower to the ground, so it takes more of the damage when the two crash.

The problem is that it is only recently that those running the tests started to consider vehicle size differences when assigning ratings. In the past, they would crash too similar cars and assign ratings based on the results.… Continue reading

What you should know about fatal accidents and loss of consortium

Fatal motor vehicle accidents rob many families of someone they love and cherish each year. While it is nearly impossible to assign a monetary value to the many ways a person enhances the lives of others, Kentucky is one of the states that allow the bereaved to do so. In legal terms, this is known as loss of consortium, but you may know it as loss of companionship.

In the eyes of many, the loss of consortium rule is an archaic part of tort law that should be abolished. However, we believe that the rule plays a crucial part in how bereaved family members cope in the aftermath of a fatal motor vehicle accident caused by negligence. With that said, families suffering the loss of a loved one should think carefully before committing to this solution.… Continue reading

What are some hazards of riding motorcycles in the fall?

The fall season in the state of Kentucky is just around the corner and may have already begun in some locations. Many motorcycle enthusiasts believe that autumn is the perfect time to view the changing landscape and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Knowing the dangers of riding in autumn ahead of time can help you remain healthy and free of the injuries that typically occur in a motorcycle accident.

Leaves: Wet or dry, autumn leaves can create many potential hazards. A pile of dry leaves can make it difficult to see unsafe road conditions. On the other hand, wet leaves may cause you to slide and lose control of your bike.

Wildlife: Deer and other wild animals seem to appear more often as the weather turns chilly.… Continue reading

Kentucky driver faces OVI charge over school bus collision

Accidents can happen on the streets and roads of the Bluegrass State, and drivers work together to get over them when they happen. One thing that always spells bad news for people on the roads is a driver who had one too many drinks. When it comes to road safety, even one drink is one too many.

Any amount of alcohol that can be detected in a person’s system above a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .02 or higher makes it illegal to drive. Lower levels can result in a charge of operating a vehicle while impaired (OVI), while driving under the influence (DUI) of higher levels of alcohol or drugs is a more serious charge.

A 21-year-old woman from Independence is facing an OVI charge after a vehicle she was driving caused an accident.… Continue reading

Important provisions of effective teen driving contracts

The statistics related to teen car accidents are alarming. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), six youths aged 16 to 19 years of age died every day in 2015 from injuries suffered in car accidents. Also in 2015, nearly 236,000 teens in the same age group received emergency department treatment for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

One way parents in Kentucky are addressing the dangers associated with teen motorists is by creating and enforcing parent/teen driving agreements. Essentially contracts, these agreements between adults and their kids outline the ground rules to which youths must adhere while driving. These contracts can be lengthy and in-depth, or they can be short and to the point. One thing they should all have in common is clear rules that all family members must follow.… Continue reading

Should you wear high-visibility motorcycle clothing?

What do you normally wear when you take your motorcycle out on the weekend? A black leather jacket? A pair of jeans? Maybe a dark-colored helmet?

These are all very common types of gear, and many riders choose them. However, studies have shown that you would actually be far safer if you wore high-visibility clothing.

This means choosing bring colors, like green, yellow, red and orange. Many people choose fluorescent colors that stand out at any time of day. You may also want to consider jackets or vests that have reflective tape on them. These can catch headlights at night or during dusk and dawn hours — some of the most dangerous times to be on the road.

How much safer will you be if it is easier for other drivers to see you?… Continue reading