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Mother from West Virginia dies in Kentucky DUI accident

A woman has passed away after a suspected drunk driving accident in Pike County, Kentucky. She was from Mingo County, West Virginia. The Kentucky State Police released the news of her passing.

Per the authorities, a 25-year-old woman from Kentucky was driving down US 119 when her car went through the median and slammed into a second car coming the opposite way. That vehicle contained a woman, a 14-year-old child and the woman’s husband.

The violent impact was so serious that the woman in that second car died at the accident scene. She was already gone before emergency crews could take her to the hospital. They did take the child and the adult male to area medical centers, where they were treated and released.… Continue reading

How can truck drivers keep from jackknifing?

Jackknifing is when a semitruck’s trailer swings sideways and the vehicle curves into an L shape. It is incredibly dangerous, as a truck that is doing this is completely out of control. It also takes up the entire road. This can put multiple people in danger on the interstate or a two-lane highway.

What can drivers do to avoid it?

  • Beware of a loss of traction. This is what causes the truck to jackknife, in many cases. For instance, if the trailer hits a patch of ice that the motorized cab crosses without trouble, it could begin to swing wide.
  • Do not slam on the brakes when the trailer starts to swing. It’s a natural reaction to keep from crashing, but it usually just folds the truck up and makes things worse.
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How can someone who is blackout drunk still drive?

When a person is blackout drunk, they cannot remember portions of the night before. In some cases, they lose entire chunks of time — hours of lost memories. In other cases, their memories just drift in and out, and they may remember some things later if another person brings it up.

How can someone who can’t even remember the night still drive a car? How is it possible for a person who is blackout drunk to get behind the wheel and cause an accident?

When people think of “blacking out,” they often think of someone being virtually unconscious. This is not really what happens, at least not with alcohol. It is more like giving someone anterograde amnesia. The brain just struggles to create memories of events as they happen.… Continue reading

3 ways to tell a friend about their unsafe driving habits

Do you have a friend who makes you exceptionally nervous whenever the two of you get in the car together? Maybe they have some poor driving habits that make you think you’re always about two seconds away from a car accident.

If so, here are three potential ways to help:

1. Drop hints

If your friend starts texting behind the wheel, for example, offer to take their phone and send the message so they can focus on the road. This lets them know that you feel unsafe while coming across as helpful, rather than critical.

2. Provide examples

If your friend speeds all the time, you may feel self-conscious about telling them to slow down. However, if you see another speeding driver, you could bring up how unsafe it is and how it looks like that person is about to crash.… Continue reading

What is most beneficial to young drivers?

Teens who have just gotten their driver’s licenses often get a lot of criticism, as the statistics show that they tend to be involved in a high number of motor vehicle accidents. People say that teens are just irresponsible and can’t be trusted behind the wheel. They say that distractions play too large of a role and that teens are addicted to their cellphones.

While the issues of distraction and irresponsibility are real and do cause accidents, many experts think they’re not quite as dire as people make them out to be. They think the real issue is that teens simply lack the experience that adult drivers already have.

In short, the most beneficial thing for a young driver is to spend more time behind the wheel.… Continue reading

Does drunk driving cause more accidents than drugged driving?

Drugged driving and drunk driving can often have a very similar appearance. Drivers have slower reaction times, they make more simple mistakes and they cause car accidents. But which type of driving is more dangerous?

Experts do not agree in full, but one study claims that drugged driving is actually more likely to be fatal. The study, which was reported on in 2017, looked at the statistics from 2015. It found that drivers in deadly accidents were on drugs more often than they were drunk behind the wheel. This suggests that drugs are more dangerous.

The study tested the blood of drivers who had been killed in these crashes. It found that about 37 percent of them — more than a third — had alcohol in their systems at the time of the accident.… Continue reading

Do too many signs make accidents more likely?

In an effort to make car accidents less likely, authorities have continued to install more and more signs. Every intersection has a yield sign or a stop sign. Some traffic lights have signs under them offering more information, such as the signs saying that there is no turning right on a red light during specific hours.

It’s a lot of information to take in. If people can do it, and if they abide by it, it should theoretically make everyone safer. But does it?

Some believe that the sheer amount of road signs makes accidents more likely. Part of the problem is distraction. When you’re looking at all of the signs and trying to figure out which way to drive, how fast to go and when to stop, you’re not looking at the road itself.… Continue reading

Allegedly drunk ‘designated driver’ causes deadly accident

A woman was involved in an accident that left one person dead in Louisville, Kentucky. She is now facing murder charges, wanton endangerment charges and charges for driving a car while under the influence. The woman is 27 years old.

The incident occurred right around three o’clock in the morning, on June 30. Reports indicate that officers arrived at the scene just after the hour.

The police investigation — labelled as an “initial” investigation for now — showed that the woman turned in the street, cutting across the path of an oncoming motorcycle. That rider did have a helmet on, but it was not enough to save his or her life. The unidentified rider passed away at the accident scene.

Police officers claim that they could smell alcohol when they arrived and approached the woman.… Continue reading

Why do people speed so often?

Almost everyone who has ever driven a car has likely broken the speed limit. We know it’s wrong, but it seems like everyone does it.

If you think it’s just a minor issue and that the worst thing that can happen is that you will get a speeding ticket, think again. The reality is that 27 percent of deadly accidents can be traced back to speeding, at least in part. Reports show that, in 2016, that meant that 10,111 people died in crashes where speeding was cited.

With 10,000 people dying every year, it is clear this isn’t a minor issue. So why do people do it?

One of the most common reasons is simply that they are running late. American culture really values being on time or even early.… Continue reading

Man dies after getting hit by a car in Kentucky

A man in Kentucky was seriously injured when a vehicle hit him while he was on foot, and he eventually passed away from those injuries. He was 59 years old at the time. According to the coroner who took on the case, the cause of death was blunt force trauma, which led to head injuries.

The accident happened on Thursday, May 31. The man was near the intersection of New Circle Road and Russell Cave Road in Lexington. The crash happened relatively early in the morning, at about 5:40 a.m.

Police are investigating the incident. They did say they think it was an accident, rather than an event with malicious intent. An accident reconstruction team responded after the crash to start the investigation, and they closed the road down for about four hours.… Continue reading