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We Deal With The Insurance Company After Your Accident

One of the biggest mistakes that car, truck and motorcycle accident victims make after a crash is to engage in lengthy conversations with others before seeking legal advice. If you are lucky enough to see this Web page soon enough, you can save yourself a lot of trouble by:

  • Not talking to police detectives or insurance representatives at length before talking to a lawyer
  • Not giving recorded statements to insurance claims adjusters or police investigators before consulting with a lawyer
  • Not posting detailed medical information on social media sites such as Facebook or CaringBridge before talking to an attorney

The problem with giving too much information without legal advice is that you may harm your case without knowing it. It is important to know your rights before answering questions or talking about the accident in detail.

Your Insurance Company Is Not Your Friend

After the initial phases of accident recovery, there are likely to be further challenges ahead in dealing with insurance companies. This is very often true whether it is another driver’s insurance company or “your” insurance company. After a major accident, recovering injured people often discover that their own insurance companies are
not their allies, but rather, creators of obstacles even for their own policyholders.

Experts have demonstrated clearly that many insurance companies apparently take a "deny, delay, defend" strategy in responding to claims. Is an insurance company asking you to jump through hoops again and again, to no avail? The following stall tactics are common among insurers as people file legitimate claims: They often:

  • Claim that treatments recommended by doctors are "not medically necessary" or not covered by a claimant’s policy
  • Ask for repeated submission of documentation, claiming minor errors or omissions
  • Find any number of excuses to avoid or delay paying claims

It Often Takes An Experienced Lawyer To Cut Through The Red Tape

Dealing with insurance companies has become so challenging and so technical that it often takes an experienced injury attorney to cut through the red tape and get action. Unsuspecting private individuals are often caught by surprise when insurance companies use their own statements as an excuse to avoid paying legitimate claims. Indeed, it is foolish to try to engage with an insurance company on your own when stakes are large.

Contact a personal injury attorney at T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, and learn about the difference we can make in your dealings with an insurance company after a
car accident or other type of accident.

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Insurance companies readily sell insurance policies, but when it comes time to make a claim, they often become difficult to deal with. Don’t try it on your own. Contact T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, by
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