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Greenup County Kentucky Auto Accident Lawyers

If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know what a traumatizing and scary time it can be. Greenup County residents never expect to be in an accident, especially when they’re so close to the beauty of Greenbo Lake State Resort Park. But even if you’ve been in an accident with regular cars, it is no preparation for the feelings of fear and loss of control that come with getting in an accident with a semi-truck.

When a semi-truck becomes involved in an accident, the ability to be seriously injured and for your car to become extremely damaged increases drastically. Semi-trucks carry a lot of weight, making any accident they are involved in an extremely serious incident. But even with the amount of severity that comes with a semi-truck accident, they are all too common in Greenup County, Kentucky.

If you’ve recently been injured in a semi-truck accident, you’ll want to hire a lawyer who can effectively represent you and ensure you receive the settlement and compensation you are entitled to. When hiring a Greenup County lawyer, you’ll want to ensure you’re hiring the right one for your case.

What happens after the accident in Greenup County

Chances are, a semi-truck accident will at least leave you with medical bills, auto repair bills, and loss of wages. Regardless of how severely injured you or a loved one is from the accident, you’ll need some level of medical attention, your car will need repairs, and you may be out of work for a few days or weeks. On the more serious side, your injuries could completely alter the course of your life, make it impossible for you to return to your job, or cause you to need long-term medical attention.

Unfortunately, the semi-truck companies don’t care about the damage they cause. For the companies, the lawsuits are about paying you the least amount of money possible. With expert lawyers there to prevent them from paying you what you deserve, they will try and convince you to settle outside court, to say things you don’t mean, or to otherwise interfere with your chances of getting what they owe you.

Do you have a case?

The right personal injury lawyer will know all the tricks that the large trucking companies try to pull and will be there to protect you when they appear. They will defend you from the scheming, selfish ways of the trucking company’s lawyers and help you find the financial compensation you need to pay for the bills, treatments, or renovations you need to make to continue living happily and comfortably after your accident.

TJ Smith Law Firm Is Right for You

Wondering if you have the right lawyer shouldn’t be difficult, especially when you go with
TJ Smith Law Firm. At TJ Smith, we care about the well-being of our customers and clients. We know that the money means more to you than it does to the trucking companies, and although they will fight against paying you what you truly owe, TJ Smith will do everything in their power to ensure you do not need to handle the bills on your own.

As a Greenup County lawyer, TJ Smith has been serving the area for over 20 years. He and his team are
experts in working with semi-truck companies and know exactly what needs to be done to prove that you were not at fault and the trucking companies owe you a sizeable settlement. We know what a scary time it can be, and we know that it can be confusing to know if you are getting everything you are truly entitled to. The expert team at TJ Smith wants to remove some of that worry and confusion so you can focus on healing and returning to your life.

At TJ Smith Law Firm, we carefully screen our clients to ensure we can win the case. If we find that we are unable to provide you with the representation you need, we will assist you in finding the right lawyers that can tackle the case and get you the settlement and compensation necessary after your semi-truck accident.

At TJ Smith Law Firm, we take all of our cases extremely personally. We want to help our clients get back on track. If you’ve recently been injured in a semi-truck accident, contact our office to begin your case.

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