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Justice For Eastern Kentucky Car Crash Victims

You hop in the car, heading over to the Kentucky Wildcats game on a nice Saturday afternoon. You’ve been looking forward to this since you ordered a ticket a month ago. Unfortunately, just after you merge onto I-64 a drowsy truck driver clips the car and puts you in the hospital. The car ends up being a total loss. Now you have massive medical bills piling up and no car. Once your paid sick leave runs out in a few days, you won’t have an income either.

After you get out of the hospital, what will you do? Your life has been thrown into chaos and your family is counting on you to do something. One of the first things you should do is call an experienced Eastern Kentucky lawyer.

Do you have a legal case?

These truck accidents are common, unfortunately, and almost always result in serious injuries, disability, and huge costs for the victim. Like any serious accident, the aftermath is stressful. An accident victim needs an experienced attorney to protect their financial interests. Choose a Louisville-based attorney who has a long track record of represented injured people in truck accident cases. Truck accident cases are not the same as other motor vehicle accidents. You need a lawyer who understands what the differences are and how they affect litigation. That’s what it takes to win a judgement in the favor of injured individuals.

The aftermath of a truck accident

A trucking company exists to make money. Their insurance company exists to make money, not help injured people. They will both have legal help to avoid or minimize their financial liability even if the trucking company’s driver was clearly at fault. The trucking company or their insurer might pressure you to settle for a pitifully small amount or they may pressure you to sign something you will regret later on. An experienced truck accident attorney knows how to fight back. T.J.’s record of fighting back is outlined

T.J Smith Knows How to Handle Truck Accident Cases

Our firm has helped numerous Eastern Kentucky clients win lawsuits against negligent truck drivers and trucking companies. T.J. Smith has over twenty years’ experience handling truck accident cases and he has won over $200 million for accident victims. You read client testimonials
here. T.J. Smith knows Federal Motor Carrier regulations and has access to the resources it takes to stand up to insurance companies and their trucking industry clients. No one deserves to have their live severely disrupted by a trucking accident, and everyone hurt deserves full compensation for their injuries.

What T.J. Smith Can Do for You

T.J. Smith will fight hard for every client, so they don’t lose any of the money they deserve and need. That said, we do have to screen cases carefully so that my time is put to good use. I can only take cases I know I can win. With that in mind, we will take some time to discuss your case with you to decide if he can help. If I cannot take the case, we can recommend alternatives at no charge.

If I decide to take the case, we do get right work gathering evidence from the scene, contacting witnesses and working with experts like engineers, doctors and accident reconstruction experts. We know how to line up all of the resources it takes to win. During the process, we keep you informed of our progress so you never have to wonder what’s happening with your case.

My goal is to get every penny you are entitled to, in a timely manner, so you can move on with your life. If we don’t win, you don’t pay. If you were injured by a negligent truck driver you should speak to an Eastern Kentucky lawyer. Contact Us Today! (Phone: 502-589-2560, Fax: 502-540-1200)