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Fighting Nursing Homes For Causing Dehydration And Malnutrition

We entrust the elderly to the care of nursing homes. In those facilities, many nursing home staff members are dedicated professionals who go out of their way to care for those who cannot care for themselves. But in some facilities, residents suffer needlessly from mistreatment and neglect. In places where this happens, the fault usually lies with management. Poor hiring standards and practices, inadequate training and supervision of employees, and other managerial shortcomings can cause nursing home residents to suffer needlessly.

One of the most shocking abuses in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is the failure to provide adequate water and nutrition. When it isn’t fatal in itself, it can still lead to other potentially fatal illnesses such as pneumonia and urinary tract infections and cause pain, suffering and a sense of abandonment and hopelessness on the part of those affected.

A Strong Advocate Fighting For Justice

For more than 20 years, attorney T.J. Smith has fought for justice on behalf of victims of corporate negligence. If your loved one has suffered neglect or abuse in a nursing home, T.J. will initiate a comprehensive legal effort designed to document the negligence, your loved one’s injuries and seek full compensation for you.

It is true that the elderly eat less than active younger people, and depression (that often affects the elderly) can further depresses the appetite. But dehydration or malnutrition do not just happen. Nursing home personnel have a duty to ensure that those placed in their care receive a proper diet and adequate liquids, and they can be held accountable in Kentucky courts.

Our law firm will conduct a thorough investigation of the care your family member received in the facility, document negligence and tie it directly to the injuries your loved one suffered. T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, will seek full compensation and justice for your loved one’s suffering.

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