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How To Protect Your Elderly Family Members

When you have taken great care to find a nursing home for an aging relative, the last thing you want to think about is a problem. However, problems do occur and sometimes neglect by nursing home staff can cause injury to your loved one. Our attorneys have helped many people like you in Louisville and throughout Central Kentucky navigate these difficult situations.

Q: Is Nursing Home Neglect The Same Thing As Nursing Home Abuse?

A: No. Nursing home abuse involves the intent to cause harm while nursing home neglect does not. With neglect, harm results from either the lack of proper care or a breach of duty on the part of nursing home staff.

Q: What Types Of Nursing Home Neglect Are There?

A: The types of nursing home neglect can be classified into four categories:

  • Basic needs: Lack of food, water, heat or anything else that contributes to a safe and clean environment
  • Personal hygiene: Lack of proper bathing, tooth brushing, shaving, face or hand washing, or other actions important for personal hygiene
  • Medical: Inappropriate care for, or attention to medical needs such as bedsores, diabetic or mobility issues, cognitive challenges and more
  • Emotional: Repeated isolation or verbal mistreatment by caregivers

In some cases, more than one type of neglect can be evident. For example, your relative may not be receiving proper medical care while also being provided only limited food or water.

Q: How Can You Recognize Nursing Home Neglect?

A: Physical signs may include sudden loss of weight, new or worsened bedsores, cuts, bruises, and visible signs of malnutrition or dehydration.

Sometimes the signs are more subtle. People who are neglected may become more withdrawn and less interactive. Environmental hazards such as poor lighting or unclear pathways can also be warning flags.

Individualized Attention

At the first sign of nursing home neglect, you need help from an experienced lawyer. At T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, you will receive the individual attention you and your family deserve.

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