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We Get To The Bottom Of Unexplained Deaths And Injuries In Nursing Homes

While it is true that everyone is aging all the time, and your loved one was probably in a nursing home because his or her health was deteriorating, this is not an excuse for “no explanation” injuries or deaths. If you are having trouble getting clear answers about why your loved one developed pneumonia or died suddenly while living in a long-term care facility, consider this a red flag. Contact a
nursing home neglect attorney.

What They Call Unexplainable, We Can Often Explain Quite Clearly

At T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, we often discover a sequence of events something like this when we investigate an unexplained illness or fatality in a nursing home:

  • An elderly or disabled resident was not kept clean or was not turned often enough.
  • He or she developed pressure ulcers (
    bed sores).
  • Bed sores were not reported promptly or properly treated in the early stages, when cure rates are high with correct remediation.
  • Pressure ulcers became severe and led to infections such as sepsis.
  • The person began a downward spiral leading to severe debilitation or death despite having been active before the pressure ulcers developed.

This is just one example of an unexplained injury or death that is common in long-term care facilities. In fact, there is most often a very basic explanation: neglect or abuse.

A broken hip, a choking injury, a burn injury or unexplained bruises can raise serious questions that demand answers — and may be cause to pursue compensation for the injured person or his or her family. Was your loved one assaulted or neglected? If something like this happened to your loved one, do not give up in your quest for answers. Besides obtaining compensation for your family, you can help prevent future similar poor outcomes after a court forces a nursing home to correct its faulty procedures. Talk to one of our lawyers about your loved one’s unfortunately injury or unexplained death in an assisted living home or nursing home.

Did Nursing Home Officials Tell You Your Loved One’s Injury Or Death Was From Natural Causes? Are You Skeptical? Request A Free Consultation

The fact that your loved one was growing older and frailer is no excuse for ignoring an unexplained injury or death in a nursing home or
assisted living facility. Don’t accept “We don’t know” as an answer. Find out what happened. We can pursue compensation for your family if negligence was the cause. Contact T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law, at 502-589-2560 (Louisville) or 502-589-2560 (Central Kentucky). We also welcome
email inquiries.